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Understanding the Differences Between HDMI Cables HDMI cables were designed to provide a crisp, high quality picture and outstanding audio quality. They do just that. When purchasing an HDMI cable it is easy to forget the fact that there are multiple types of HDMI cables available.
Vikas Dayal, May 26, 2017
History of the Power Cord
Nowadays, getting power to your devices really is just as simple as plugging something into a wall outlet, but it certainly took some time and effort to get to that point. Dating back to the 1800s, the invention and further development of power distribution has led us to the world of electrical convenience great inventors like Thomas Edison dreamed of.
Vikas Dayal, May 25, 2017
Fiber Optic Cables In The Home
Fiber optic cables are in constant use throughout our day-to-day lives, but what exactly are they? While the name may lead you to think these cables are used in specific industries or technological fields, fiber optic cables can be found connected to devices around the everyday home.
Vikas Dayal, May 25, 2017
Are you currently considering installing fiber optic cables and want to find out how they would benefit you? Fiber optic cables are cables that contain strands of glass fibers inside of an insulated casing. These cables are capable of delivering high performance telecommunications amongst other things. In this article we’ll be taking a look at five uses for fiber optic cables in your office.
Vikas Dayal, May 23, 2017
Nothing lasts forever. The lifespan of a cable depends on how well it gets treated, but all of them will eventually start to suffer from wear and tear. Fortunately, replacing a failing cable is usually quite cheap and easy. The hardest part is recognizing when the cable is starting to break down in the first place.
Vikas Dayal, May 19, 2017
Three Cables to Check When Troubleshooting Your Home Theater System Troubleshooting a home-theater system is checking why one speaker or several do not work. Many of us have been in positions where they have placed all the speakers at the right places, connected all the cables meticulously and switched on every piece of the equipment and after doing all that, you switch on the play button, and no sound comes from the speakers.
Vikas Dayal, May 16, 2017
Electricity plays an important role in our modern lives, but it can be a dangerous tool when we don’t use it safely. Electrical fires are getting more common in the US, increasing the mortality rate caused by electric wires and cables across the nation. However, the majority of these fires are caused by old outlets and wires.
Vikas Dayal, May 14, 2017
The Similarities and Differences Between Cat5 and Cat6 Cables Cat5 and Cat6 cables are applied in a variety of functions where electromagnetic networks are used. They serve the same purpose, to connect devices to a network, whether internal or to the internet. Generally speaking, Cat5 and Cat6 connections are used to connect servers and computer to modems as network cables, and finally, they also link ISPs.
Vikas Dayal, May 08, 2017
Ethernet is just not for the office local area network anymore. Ethernet is finding increasing usage in a production environment. Companies are finding multiple industrial uses for Ethernet cables in their factories and industrial facilities. Production environments are seeing increased reliability, safety, and efficiency with Ethernet.
Vikas Dayal, May 04, 2017
Nothing is more frustrating that anticipating an awesome evening with an epic movie or your favorite band, only to have it sound thin or distorted like a radio from 1923. While many people assume the problem lies with their speakers or with the media itself, often the problems begin with using cheap or inferior cables to connect the system components.
Vikas Dayal, May 01, 2017

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