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HDMI Accessories and Adapters


Datacomm Cables ( is an industry-leading provider of HDMI Cables, HDMI Accessories and related devices.

In our catalog are the most common HDMI accessories, Splitters and Switches.

A Splitter takes the signal from a Cable Box and projects it on two or more Displays. An active splitter should be used with cables longer than 15 feet. A powered HDMI Splitter has a built in chip that can extend the signal past 15 Feet.

A Switch takes the signal from a Cable Box and you are able to select which display on which to show, often with a remote control.

HDMI cables are compact audio-video interfaces to share data digitally from an input source to another display device. offers you a range of HDMI accessories including convertors, extenders, passive splitter, powered splitters, switches and wall plates.

If you are facing issues in configuring two display devices because of difference in their signal properties then these accessories can solve your problems. An HDMI Converter will connect to a non-HDMI device and turn it into an HDMI compatible display. These will help you in integrating two devices that are otherwise functioning on two different types of signals. Our HDMI converters can convert VGA, DVI,component, composite, multisource or USB to HDMI.

HDMI extenders transmit HDMI over Ethernet cables easily, and contain transmitters and receivers. Our HDMI accessories also include splitters of passive and powered types. These can distribute a single HDMI signal from a source to multiple HDMI display devices. HDMI wall plates and switches will function when connecting two HDMI devices without the unnecessary and messy wiring and cables. A wall plate can efficiently conceal all cables inside a wall structure and provide connectivity over large distances and on multiple display devices, without the added disarray of scattered cables in homes, datacenters, office locations and more.

If you have questions, please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190, at (800) 372-3725 [Toll Free] throughout other United States locations, or CONTACT US online.

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