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Crypto Mining Power Cables

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Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining Cables are extremely important when it comes to mining crypto currency. Crypto mining cables offer the stability and power needed for the energy extensive crypto currency mining rigs. You need the stability of reliable power cables during Halving so your operations run interrupted. GPU Mining Riser Cables maintain power throughout the intensive mining cycles.

Shop Crypto Mining or "Bitcoin" Mining Power Cables

Shop our extensive collection of crypto power cables online. These crypto mining cables allow for the most reliable supply of power to your Antminer S9 or other hardware.

The most common cryto mining setups goes from the wall outlets to the PDU to the Antminer. Most wall outlets are the locking type, so they are L5-30 or L6-30 Receptacles, or Female type. So you need power cables with the corresponding Male L5-30P or L6-30 Plug to go into them, and a female connector to plug into the PDU. Most PDUs have male C20 plugs in them, so you need a corresponding C19 connector.


Other Crypto Mining Cables

You will need to find out if your setup can handle 15, 20 or 30 amps. We offer:

We have all the cables you need to power up your Bitcoin mining gear including the following:

  1. Antminer S19 Pro
  2. Antminer T9+
  3. AvalonMiner A1166 Pro
  4. WhatsMiner M30S++
  5. AvalonMiner 1246
  6. WhatsMiner M32-62T
  7. Ebang EBIT E11++
  8. Bitmain Antminer S5
  9. DragonMint T1
  10. PangolinMiner M3X

If you need bulk pricing or have questions, please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190 or toll-free at (800) 372-3725. specializes in these crypto-mining power cables, and can ship most of them same day and in large quantities to any location in the United States, by truck or by UPS and Fedex.

Read more about crypto mining setup, cables needed and configuration here on our blog:
What Cables do you need to mine crypto currency?


Crypto Mining Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crypto Currency?
Crypto Currency is a type of currency that only existis in the digital world. You can not simple extract or withdraw this currency from a bank like normal currency. However, you can use it to purchase or trade with those companies that accept Crypto Currency.


What is Crypto Mining?
Crypto mining is the process of obtaining cryptocurrencies by solving cryptographic equations with the help of high-power computers or mining rigs as they are called. This solving process entails verifying data blocks and adding transaction records to a public ledger known as blockchain. Although the Crypto Mining Rigs are expensive, the cables that support them are not. And offers crypto mining cables for your projects.

"I started Crypto Mining as a hobby and got all of my cables from and have never looked back." - Aldo P. - Home Enthusiast / Engineer

*BitCoin is a registered trademark and the use of it on this website is for educational and instructional purposes only.

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