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Power Cords

Power Cords - Power Cables - - Power Cords for Data Centers

Power Cords

Shop our large collection of the power cords, power cables, extension cords, power cable adaptors, power cord splitters and more for your data center, office or home office.

Popular Power Cable Types

•    C14 to C13 Connectors for PDUs in Racks
•    C19 to C20 Connectors for PDUs in Racks
•    5-15P to C13 Connectors for computers, servers and basically all computer equipment.
•    Colored Power Cables
•    Outdoor Power Cords
•    and many more configurations listed below.

Shop Power Cables

Datacomm Cables ( has been a premier New York Metro area provider, and throughout the United States, of power cords and other cables for professionals and consumers since 2001. If consumers, IT solution providers, VARs and others have ever misplaced power cables or had to replace power cords that weren't functioning properly, you know the frustration of finding reliable sources for these critical accessories for datacenters (servers, networking and storage devices, etc.) computers, servers, smartphones and tablets. We provide quick, easy, online purchasing options for standard power cables and cords, and custom power cables, in many varieties and colors at the most reasonable possible prices.

Our vast selection makes it easy to shop for power cables and cords in the right gauge sizes, so it’s easier for you to achieve the highest possible performance. It is your responsibility to make sure you select the cable with the proper certifications for your applications. Please contact us prior to ordering if you need to discuss whether a certain cable we offer has the certifications you need.

We carry many colors and sizes of power cords, with many available for quick, or even same-day, shipping. Please browse Datacomm Cables' ('s) selection and order on our website. We offer secure shopping, easy returns within 30 days, and same-day shipping on orders received by 2 PM EST. If you need bulk pricing or have questions, please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190 or toll-free at (800) 372-3725.

IEC Connectors

C5 Power Cords C7 Power Cords
C13 Power Cords C14 Power Cords
C15 Power Cords C19 Power Cords
C20 Power Cords  


NEMA Straight Blade Connectors

1-15R 1-15P
5-15R 5-15P
5-20R 5-20P
6-15R 6-15P
6-20R 6-20P

NEMA Twist-Lock Connectors

L5-15R L5-15P
L6-15R L6-15P
L5-20R L5-20P
L6-20R L6-20P
L6-30R L6-30P



Q. What is a IEC Power Cord?
A. IEC Connector refers to a type of electronic cable that meets the International Electrotechnical Commission Standards (IEC).

What are the different types of power cords?
A. Data Center Power Cords, NEMA Power Cords, Locking Data Center Power Cords, Hospital Grade Power Cords, International Cords, Angled Power Cords, Generator Power Cords, Outdoor Power Cords, Power Cord Splittoers, CISCO Compatible Power Cords, IEC320 Mail Over Mold Inserts, Colored Power Cords, Power Extension Cords, Watertight Power Cords and more.

What is a C13 Plug?
A. Sometimes referred to as Jump cords, these power cables, IEC C14 to C13 power cords, are the most popular type of power cord use to power high powered equipment, specifically servers in data centers.

WHat is C19 power cord?
A. Commonly used for computers, monitors and servers and insure compatability across each device and standard.

What is the difference between IEC C13 and C14
A. IEC C14 connector is used on devices, power supplies and IEC extension cables whereas IEC C13 connectors are used for standard main cables.

What is a C7 Power Cord?
A. This is a two-pronged non-poloarizing connector. Typically used for low-voltage devices (ie: CD players, Laptops, Video/Audio Equipment, etc.).

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