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Shielded Ethernet Cables

Shielded Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cables - Shielded

When to use Shielded Ethernet Cables

Shielded ethernet cables allow for an additional layer of protection between the network connection and outside interference caused by "alien cross talk" or "noise", that can occur between cables that run alongside each other. Complex network environments, such as larger businesses with a lot of heavy machinery, elevators and flourescent lights, generate a lot of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and this is where a shielded cable comes in to protect and enhance the cable signal.

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Shielded Burial Outdoor Ethernet Cables

Shielded ethernet cables are specifically built for burial or outdoor use and are both waterproof and animal resistant. If you choose shielded cables, everyting connected to a shielded cable must also be shielded and grounded. You cannot connect shielded to unshielded cables.

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Q: Do I need a Shielded Ethernet Cable for my home or office?
A: Typically, shielded ethernet cables are used in high volume manufacturing or businessess with complex networks or used for the outdoors to protect the cables from EMI (as stated above). The cost is more for these types of cables and you should not need these for home or small office.


Q: Does the higher cost of Shielded Cables worth it?
A: Unless you absolutely need a shielded cable for your project (highly recommended for outdoor projects) you should opt for the less expensive Cat6 or Cat5 ethernet cables. The added cost of shielded cables does not reflect in performance.


Q. Shielded Ethernet Cable vs Unshielded?
A. So, Should you purchase a Shielded or Unshielded Ethernet Cable? Learn more about Shielded vs. Unshielded Ethernet Cable.

"I have purchased Shielded Ethernet Cables from for all of my Outdoor cabling projects. For over 7 years, they have consistently made it easier for me to purchase cables for my work." - Alfredo G.- Systems Engineer

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