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Vikas Dayal, July 01, 2022
Fiber Optic Cable Types and Configurations

Fiber Optic Cable Connections and Configurations – SC and LC

Generally speaking, fiber optic cables work by transmitting pulses of light through ultra-thin strands of glass (or plastic in the case of newer plastic optical fibers or POFs). Depending on the type of fiber cable, the strand or strands of glass fiber will have a diameter of anywhere from five to 100 microns, much thinner than a human hair.
Vikas Dayal, April 01, 2022
Buy Cat6 Plenum Cables in Bulk

Buy Cat6 Plenum Cables in Bulk - 1000ft Bulk Cable - 500ft Bulk Cable - Custom Cable Types and Lengths

Cat6 plenum cable is made to be utilized in plenum areas, which is one of the reasons why custom Cat6 Plenum cables in bulk are often requested.
Vikas Dayal, September 20, 2021
What Ethernet Cable is Good for Outdoor Use?

The Best Type of Ethernet Cable for Outdoor Use

Cat6 Shielded Cable is typically best for outdoor networking. This outdoor ethernet cable is best when placed underground.
Vikas Dayal, August 02, 2021
Will Cat6 Improve Internet Speed?

Cat6 Internet Speed

Cat6 Ethernet cables are more advanced and reliable than Cat5e. Cat5e is a popular network cable
Vikas Dayal, July 23, 2021

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Get 5% Off Sitewide During Our 2022 4th of July Sale!
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Get 5% Off Sitewide During Our 2022 4th of July Sale!
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