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Cat6 Ethernet Cables

Cat6 Cables Ethernet - Category 6 Cables

Cat6 Cable

Buy Cat6 ethernet cables online at Datacomm Cables offers a wide range of Cat6 Cables and Cat6A ethernet cables. Category 6 network cables, also known as Cat6, are the industry standard for networking cable offering up to twice the performance of Cat5 or Category 5e cables, and are gigabit rated. All Category 6 ethernet cables will work with POE (Power over Ethernet) Devices. No special cabling is needed.

A Cat6 cable offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 10 Gigabits boasting bandwidth of up to 550 MHz. Perfect for powering smart devices and enterprise networks. Our Cat6 cables offer a reliable and secure connection between your office or home network device and the internet.

Shop Cat6 Cable Types

Category 6 Ethernet Cables for Professionals

Datacomm Cables offers one of the largest assortments of Category 6 cables (Cat6) network patch cables and Cat6 Cable accessories in the industry.
Cat6 Cable Accessories:

  • Bulk Cat6 wire- Cat6 PVC and Cat6 Plenum in Shielded, Unshielded, and both in Stranded and Solid Types
  • Cat6 Patch Panels- 110 Punchdown Type for easy installations in your network.
  • Cat6 Keystone Jacks- In every color you can think of to color code your installation.

We provide Cat6 ethernet cables for a variety of applications, including specially-shielded ideal for external installations and outdoor use, as well as other types more suited to internal installations of Cat6 cables. Connect to the internet quickly with this reliable high-speed Cat6 cable.

If you have any questions about which is best for your project, please call us and we’ll advise you on the best possible applications for Cat6 cables or Cat6a cables for these technologies for your professional or consumer installation.

Like all of our cables, wires, power cords and cable accessories, our Cat6 ethernet cables are manufactured to industry standards and at the highest quality. They’re available in Network Patched, Shielded, and Outdoor-Rated types, in multiple lengths, and with or without snagless boots.



What is Category 6 (Cat6) Ethernet Cable?
Category 6 Ethernet Cables are internet cables used in various home and business applications. They have high quality, 100% bare copper wire for strong connections.

Cat5 vs Cat6 Cable:
Category 6 cables are a standard ethernet cable and offer up to twice the performance of a Category 5e cable or Category 5 cable and are gigabit rated.

Category 6 Cable Speed
Category 6 cable speeds are rated up to 550Mhz which is excellent for gigabit rated applications.


"I love ordering my Cat6 cables from Always, fast and easy and they have the largest selection of ethernet cables and power cords online. Keep up the good work!" - Jason S. - Installation Engineer

Please note that Datacomm Cables ( does not sell CCA Networking wire. We only sell Bare Copper for proper signal transmission and adherence to all standards.

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