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Hospital-Grade Power Cords

Extension Cords for Hospitals - Medical Grade Power Cords and Extensions -

Medical-Grade Power Cords Hospital grade power cords are not your garden-variety extension cords. These specialized cords are made specifically for hospitals using the highest quality materials available. They are used in applications that demand reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Hospital or Medical Grade power cords and extension cords are known as "green dot" cables because the 5-15 plug connector has a green dot on it. These, hard-to-find, hospital grade extension cords and power cables are available at at discount prices.

Shop Hospital Grade Power Cables

Medical Grade Extension Cords and Cables offers a wide range of cables that can solve the challenges that Healthcare Professionals face. Please visit our Healthcare Solutions Page to learn more on how we can help you ease your procurement processes. We have a full inventory of hospital-grade power cords and accessories suitable for a wide range of medical-use devices and applications.

We even carry Y-power splitters and multi-outlet hospital-grade power strips for those areas where accessible outlets may be in short supply. We also carry cables with NEMA 6-20 to IEC C19 connectors, NEMA 5-20 to IEC C19 connectors, and power cords with other connector and amperage variations.

We offer secure shopping, easy returns within 30 days, and same-day shipping on orders received by 2 PM EST.

If you need bulk pricing or have questions, please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190 or toll-free at (800) 372-3725.


"We purchased the 5-15R Hospital Extension cords for our assisted living faciltiy years ago without any issues. Long lasting and durable - Thank you!" - Janice G. - Ayres Homes




What Are 5-15P to C13 Hospital Grade Power Cords Used For?

5-15p to C13 power cords are suitable for use for making 5-15p to C13 electrical connections in a hospital or other medical facility environment and conform to the strictest standards for grounding, reliability, and durability and they meet all NEMA and IEC standards. Our power cord connectors are precisely molded to minimize obtrusiveness and deliver safe, reliable, and secure connections.


What Are Hospital Grade Power Cord Requirements?

In order for a power cord or extension to be considered hospital grade, it needs to have solid pins, larger plug bodies which eliminate risk of shock and withstand greater than usual "pull forces" and must carry the "green dot" signifying that they have been tested and designed to UL 817 and CAN/CAS C22 standards.

Furthermore, our hospital grade power cords are rated for operation up to 125 Volts and we have cords available in 10, 13, and 15 amp varieties. Do not use this cord in applications where the voltage or amperage is higher than the cords rating. carries hospital grade power cords in a multitude of lengths with custom lengths available by request.


"We only use for our Medical Grade Extension Cords." - Larry W.- Summit IT

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