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What is CART ID?

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What is the CART ID?

Datacomm Cables, Inc. ( is always trying to make ordering on our website easy for all of our customers, resellers and affiliates. We have introduced a new feature called "ENTER CART ID" in the header of our website so you can easily SHARE YOUR BASKET with someone else.


How Does CART ID Work?

- When someone adds items to their cart on our website it creates a unique number called a CART ID.

- This ID is located in the top left of our website on the CART (Basket) page.

- Simply add a product or more to the cart then select the CART in the top right portion of our navigation menu.

- You will then see the CART ID. This CART ID # can be shared with others.

- Another user can then come to our website, enter the CART ID in the CART ID box to pull up the items that you placed in your cart. No login or account is required, however, it is best to create an account so that you can track orders easily. CART ID - Share your cart today


How Does CART ID Help You?

- This is invaluable for organizations with multiple order processing managers and need to update the cart before the final order is placed.

- Or if you just want to share your cart with someone else so they can pay.


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Today Toll Free: 1-800-372-3725 or if in NY:631-617-5190




"This is an EXCELLENT ADDITION to the website. It lets me start an order and add all of the items I need to the cart. I then send the ID to my purchasing department where they pull up the cart and edit it and purchase! AWESOME!" - Ralph M - NJ

"Pretty slick. Makes purchases for my installers a breeze. I just email them the CART ID and they add the rest of the products they need for their installs. They then send it back to me to review and purchase." - Deena B - NY

"Keep up the good work. Anything that makes my life easier is always a plus. I actually came by this function accidentally and glad I did. I sent my cart to my boss, he approved and I was able to finish my install that much faster." - Jacob W - MN

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