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IEC320 C14 to C13 PDU Power Cables - All Colors


C14 to C13 PDU Power Cords

A C14 to C13 Cable is the most common power cable you will need to connect a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to a server in your datacenter or to extend a power cord that you already have! carries these in various colors and lengths and offers quick shipping from locations across the country! We offer C14 to C13 splitter cables as well, enabling you to power two or more machines from one source.

Data Center Power Cords

These IEC320 Power Cords - C14 to C13 are excellent for data centers.

If you've been told that you need IEC 320 C13 and C14 power cords, you might wonder exactly what that is and how it's different from a regular power cable. You probably won't find these power cables in your home, but they are the most common cables found in data centers or your office IT closet.

These specialized power cables connect a personal computer to a PDU, or Power Distribution Unit, which is a heavy-duty power strip used to power servers. PDUs can be mounted on the wall or on a rack, and you can isolate power to certain networks by plugging specific servers into separate PDUs. That's where our C14 to C13 PDU power cords come in handy! We offer them in different colors so you can easily color-code your networks and determine which cables go to which network at a glance. The end that plugs into your server is the C13 connector, while the part that inserts into the PDU is the C14 plug.

"I use these for all of my Data Center installations. They are the most dependebale C14 to C13 Cords I have used in my 30 years." - Jeff B. - Network Town
Our C14 to C13 power cables come in 10, 13 or 15 amps. These cables come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow and black. We also provide these cables in varying lengths and with different locking mechanisms.

If you need help determining which C14 to C13 PDU power cables are right for your network, just ask and we will help you decide. If you need a special part such as a cable splitter, you can find the right supplies in our inventory. Our focus is to make the process simple and efficient for our customers. Find what you need at and place your order today!

We maintain a large stock of C14 to C13 Power Cords and you can find just what you need. At, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products including dimension, capability, and performance levels. Our support staff is friendly and helpful and will respond quickly to your inquiries. has the most detailed collection of data center power cables available for order at any size that suits your needs. Kindly browse our available selection to find what you need and place your secure order online today!


Frequently Asked Questions About PDU Power Cords C14 to C13

What does PDU stand for?
PDU stands for Power Distribution Unit

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