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Recent Posts

Plenum-Rated Cables – Plenum-Rated Networking Cables

Plenum-Rated Cat5 & Cat6 Ethernet Cables - Plenum-Rated AV and USB Cables

At, you’ll find a selection of plenum-rated cables from ethernet cables to SVGA and HDMI cables and even plenum-rated USB cables.
Vikas Dayal, May 20, 2022
Types of Cat6 Ethernet Cables - Outdoor Ethernet Cables

Outdoor-Rated Cat6 and Cat6a Ethernet Cables

Broadly speaking, cat6 ethernet cables are the industry standard for businesses and other organizations requiring high-speed, broadband Internet...
Vikas Dayal, May 13, 2022
Cat5 Vs Cat6 Outdoor-Rated Ethernet Cables

Cat5 v Cat6 Ethernet Cable for Outdoor Installations

Most importantly, for any outdoor application, the jacket material shielding the cable must be waterproof and UV resistant. The RJ45 connectors should...
Vikas Dayal, May 08, 2022
OS2 Single Mode Patch Cables - Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables

Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables offer the highest data-transmission speeds in the industry

Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables offer the highest data-transmission speeds in the industry up to 50 times faster than their multimode counterparts. Depending on the type, single mode cables can also transmit data up to 10 kilometers (just over six miles) without amplification. Most often, single mode fiber optic cabling is used when data transmission speeds and signal integrity are the most important requirements for the job.
Vikas Dayal, April 23, 2022
Fiber Optic Cable Types and Configurations

Fiber Optic Cable Connections and Configurations – SC and LC

Generally speaking, fiber optic cables work by transmitting pulses of light through ultra-thin strands of glass (or plastic in the case of newer plastic optical fibers or POFs). Depending on the type of fiber cable, the strand or strands of glass fiber will have a diameter of anywhere from five to 100 microns, much thinner than a human hair.
Vikas Dayal, April 01, 2022

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