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Why Should You Buy Hospital-Grade Power Cords?

Hospital-Grade and Medical-Grade Power Cables

Hospital-grade electric cords must meet strict requirements for safety, durability and reliability in order to meet the high-stakes needs of healthcare settings.

by Vikas Dayal • August 22, 2023

Power Cords, Power Cables

Hospital-grade electric cords must meet strict requirements for safety, durability and reliability in order to meet the high-stakes needs of healthcare settings. Hospital-grade power cables are manufactured with the highest quality materials and the most advanced engineering available. 

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, having the right power cables can be a matter of life and death. Hospital staff and patients depend on hospital-grade power cords to keep equipment (including critical life-support) running properly. For this reason, hospital-grade power cables, sometimes referred to as medical-grade extension cords, must always meet the highest safety and performance standards. They are vital for powering the life-sustaining equipment in these critical healthcare settings. The high-quality hospital cables we stock at are dependable enough for use in surgical centers and even emergency rooms, but that doesn't mean they need to break the bank. Our expertly-manufactured hospital-grade power cables are available for some of the most competitive prices on the market without sacrificing quality.

What is a Hospital-Grade Power Cord?

Hospital-grade electric cords are manufactured with the highest quality materials and the most advanced engineering available, and as such are expected outperform their standard counterparts in safety, durability and reliability in order to meet the critically high-stakes needs of healthcare settings.'s medical-grade power cords are not your garden-variety extension cords. What goes into manufacturing these power cables? Constructed of premium materials such as 100% copper conductors, hospital-grade power cables also have molded connectors with larger plug bodies and extra sturdy pins to withstand more tension than standard electric cables. This precise molding minimizes the risk of electric shock while the cable‚Äôs premium construction ensures durability, even in high-traffic areas where they are subject to heavy use and abuse. What this means is that our hospital-grade electric cords and extension cables are built to last, inside and out.'s selection of Hospital-Grade Power Cords includes 5-15P-to-C13 power cables that meet both NEMA and IEC standards, rated up to 125 volts and 10, 13 or 15 amps. Also known as "green dot" cables because of the green dot on the 5-15 plug connector, these specialized power cables are UL Listed and tested to meet UL 817 & CAN/CAS C22 standards. 

Our most popular 5-15P-to-C13 Hospital-Grade Power Cables are rated for operation up to 125 Volts and we have cords available in 10, 13, and 15 amp varieties. can supply these cables in clear or black jacket, and can build custom lengths as well!

black 18 AWG Hospital Grade Power Cord NEMA 5-15P to IEC320C13 - shop

Depending on the nature of your healthcare institution's cables setup, you might want to consider investing in a right-angled version of these cables to avoid excessive cord wear-and-tear from constant bending in some circumstances and plug configurations. The angled C13 connector is ideal in tight spaces, such as behind equipment in a medical cart or when the machine is against a wall, allowing for proper bend of the cable. 

Gray 18 AWG right angle Hospital Grade Power Cord NEMA 5-15P to IEC320C13R - shop also carries 5-15P-to-5-15R Hospital Extension Cords with 16-AWG jackets. These extension cords come with a standard orange jacket for maximum visibility and are available for purchase 8-foot, 50-foot and 75-foot lengths. 

Orange 16 AWG Hospital Grade Power Extension Cord NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R - shop

Still Searching?

If you haven't quite found the right hospital-grade power cable for your healthcare organization, we'd like to help! Many of our cables can be ordered in custom colors, lengths, and configurations tailored to your specifications. We can also offer bulk pricing if you're looking to order a large amount of cables. We want to be your one-stop shop for your cable needs, so don't hesitate to Contact Us or email us at! 

SHOP NOW: 5-15P to C13 Hospital-Grade Power Cords5-15P to 5-15R Hospital Extension Cables - Custom Color Power Cords

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