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OS2 Single Mode Patch Cables

Single Mode OS2 Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Single Mode 9/125 Fiber Optic Cable

Single Mode 9/125 Fiber Optic Cables have virtually unlimited bandwidth with their smaller core, resulting in smaller loss.

Datacomm Cables ( offers a complete catalog of 9/125 OS2 Single Mode Fiber Cables at the lowest prices in the industry.

Our OS2 Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables are made to exceed all expectations.

OS2 Single Mode Fiber Cable Features

  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Long Life Cycle
  • All Connectors are Compact in size and are small form factor design
  • Self-locking, pull-proof
  • High quality zirconia ferrules
  • Materials used meets RoHS requirements
  • Custom configurations are available.

Shop OS2 Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables

Our Cables are built to perform beyond expectations, exceed industry standards, and last a lifetime.

Our 9/125 OS1 Single Mode Patch Cables can also be ordered in custom lengths and configurations by using our unique, Cable Configuration tool .

Frequently Asked Questions About OS2 9/125 Single Mode Patch Cables

Is OS2 Fiber Single Mode?
YES! OS2 and OS1 are standard singlemode optical fiber.

What is the different between OS1 and OS2 single mode fiber?
OS2 Single Mode Fiber is constructed of loose tube or blown cable construction that applies less stess on the optical fibers, whereas OS1 Single Mode Fiber Optice Cable is made of a tight bu ered construction.

What is OS2 Single Mode?
OS2 Fiber is made for outdoor use and loose tube optical cable that is suitable for outdoor applications. Less or no stress to the optical fibers / fibres during installation.

Can you use multimode for single mode?
NO. They are not interchangeable as per compatability, connectors, signal and size are all different.

" OS2 Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables are my go to solution for my projects. These guys are great!"
- Kelly R. NY IT.

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