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Fiber Cables in the Custom Colors You Need

Color Code Your Fiber Optic Cables makes and ships fiber optic cables in several custom colors. Color-coding fiber patch cables makes installation and trouble-shooting easier.

by Vikas Dayal • August 29, 2022, News and Information, Custom Cables, Custom Fiber Optic Cables makes and ships fiber optic cables in several custom colors. From single mode OS2 fiber wiring available in black, red, blue, green and violet jacket colors to multimode OM3 cables in black, white, red, blue or green, the extensive options for color coding can help your clients or your company’s teams keep a much more organized switch panel or server room.

Fiber Optic Cables Industry-Standard vs. Custom-Colored Jackets

Since fiber optic cables came into use for telecommunications, Internet and entertainment industry applications, some default color coding for the different types of cables became industry standard. Generally, single mode fiber optic cables (both OS1s and OS2s) have yellow cable jackets While multimode OM1 and OM2 cables are orange, OM3s are aqua. OM4s are aqua or violet and OM5s are lime green.

While the standard colors may be helpful for contractors and installers, these basic color differences between the different generations of fiber optic cables do little to help the end user, who probably doesn’t use more than one or two types of fiber cabling. This leaves employees and organizations with equipment, switch panels and server rooms full of cables that all look the same, even though many cables plugged into the same panel may function as parts of several different systems or applications.


These are the times when custom colored fiber optic cables become useful.

  • Imagine, for instance, a company server room full of fiber cables for the organization’s telephone system, high-speed internet and audiovisual installations.
  • Or a touring music group that uses oversized screens or projectors as part of their show; their tech crew can set up and break down their panels more quickly when the fiber optic cables for their musical equipment, sound panels, Internet-connected computers and video equipment are all color-coded.
  • For very large organizations, industrial buildings or government operations, color-coded fiber optic cables may be needed to differentiate between different floors, units or work groups.

Custom colored fiber patch cables make setup, installations and trouble-shooting easier, every step of the way.

Choosing Custom Colored Fiber Optic Cables

At we have 9/125 Micron OS2 Single mode cables available in black, red, blue, green or violet jacket colors. Our 62.5/125 Micron Duplex Multimode OM1 cables are also available in all these colors. Our 50 Micron Duplex Multimode OM2 cables are available in black, red, blue and green. And our 50 Micron 10GB Duplex Multimode OM3 cables come in black, white, red, blue and green. And don’t forget, these colors are all in addition to the standard industry colors for fiber optic cables. We sell those too, of course.

When you order your custom color fiber wiring from, you’ll also have the option to choose the configurations of connectors you need. For most fiber cables, we offer LC, SC and ST connectors with the opportunity to choose the same connector for each end of the cable or different connectors at each end depending on your specific needs. Check out the options for LC to LC, LC to SC and many other configurations of fiber optic connectors available for these cables. Choose from several standard lengths from one to 10 meters or use our custom cable builder to special order the length you need.

When your client, employer or organization needs custom made colored fiber optic cables, look no further than Color coding your fiber patch cables makes everyone’s job easier. When time is of the essence, being able to distinguish between cables used for different applications can make for faster setup and breakdown, less down town and more expedient trouble shooting when something goes wrong. These benefits are significant across all the various industries and applications we’ve mentioned here.

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