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Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Buy fiber patch cables for less at We carry a wide variety of fiber optic patch cables and we'll also custom make them for any application.

The basic detail you need to know about Fiber Optic Cables is what jacket you need it to have:

OS1  Yellow Color, also known as Singlemode.

OM1  Orange Color, 62.5 Micron

OM2  Orange Color, 50 Micron

OM3  Aqua Blue Color, 50 micron

OM4  Aqua Blue Color 50 Micron   10GB Rated

We carry many of them in our stock and in warehouses across the country ready for same day shipment!

Sub Categories is the leading resource for professional fiber patch cables. We carry a huge selection of fiber optic patch cables and cords, including:

  • • 50u/125
  • • 62.5u/125
  • • 9/125 Single-Mode Cables
  • • 10-Gig OM3
  • • 10-Gig OM4 Aqua Fiber
  • • MTP 12-Strand Fiber
  • Bend Insensitive Fiber
  • Low Profile Uniboot Assemblies
  • • …And More!

We even carry various colors of cables and assemblies so you can give your application a custom look. And speaking of custom, if your job requires odd-length cables or non-standard cords, will custom-make your fiber patch cables according to your specific needs. In fact, special orders are our specialty!

For more information, or to make a purchase, browse our collection of fiber optic patch cables and accessories below. 

To build a regular dual strand fiber optic cable in all types and connectors, click on our custom configurator here to start designing your custom order today.

To build a 6, 12 or 24 multi strand assembly in all types and connectors,click on our custom configurator here to start designing your custom order today. is your one-stop shop for buying fiber optic patch cables. We are leading providers of fiber optic cables to many professional companies. Our unmatched customer service makes us an ideal choice in online purchasing.

To customize your cables by your needs we have a variety of colors and lengths in fiber optic patch cables and cords. Our collection includes MTP 12-strand fiber, 10-Gig OM4 Aqua Fiber, 10-Gig OM3,

9/125 Single-mode cables, 50u/125 cables and 62.5u/125 cables. We are constantly catering to your requests and have added a lot more to our range.

To provide you with exactly what you require, we also custom-make your fiber optic patch cable as you direct, so that you can easily use odd-length cables or non-standard cords. With our custom configurator you can chose the length, cord and connector of your choice and place your order.

In the custom configurator you can chose between 6, 12 or 24 multi-strand system with your required connector. always promises high-quality and best-in- class product designs at your door step.

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