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US Made Ethernet Cables

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Ethernet Cables Made in the USA For Sale

Ethernet Cables Made in the USA

Find the highest quality USA Made Ethernet cables right here on Our attention to detail is unsurpassed. We are the Premiere Cable Manufacturer in New York.

Ethernet Cables Made in the USA

USA Made Cat5e Cable is excellent for indoor use. Select your length and color and we will build you a custom Cat5e cable in our USA facility. Rated for 350mhz.

USA Made Cat6 Cable is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Select your color and length and we will build a custom cable just for you. Please allow a little extra time as these are custom cables. Rated for 550mhz.

Our Custom Category 5e and Category 6 Cables use Quabbin Wire, 4 pair 24 awg Stranded, Sentinel Connectors, Panduit Labels and are TAA compliant.

Shop Cat5e or Cat6 Custom Made Cables

Frequently Asked Questions About USA Made Custom Ethernet Cables

What are the benefits of buying USA-made Ethernet cables?
USA-made Ethernet cables by adhere to higher manufacturing standards, ensuring better quality and reliability. We also comply with stricter environmental and safety regulations. Additionally, purchasing these cables supports local business.


Are USA-made Ethernet cables more expensive than imported ones?
Generally, USA-made Ethernet cables can be more expensive due to higher labor and production costs. However, this cost difference is often justified by the superior quality, durability, and performance.


"I love that I can choose my own size and colors for my projects. I only use USA Made Ethernet Cables and is always great. One of my favorite Cat6 Cable Manufacturers in New York. I buy local whenever I can." - Laura P. - NY


How can I verify if an Ethernet cable is genuinely made in the USA?
Look for labeling or certification marks on the packaging that indicate the product's origin. Reputable manufacturers like Datacomm Cables, will clearly state "Made in USA" on their products. Additionally, you can check the company's website or contact customer support for confirmation.


Do USA-made Ethernet cables perform better than imported cables?
Performance can vary based on several factors, including the specific use case and cable specifications. However, USA-made Ethernet cables are generally known for their reliability and consistent performance due to stringent quality control measures during manufacturing.

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