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Outdoor Extension Cords

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Outdoor Power Cords - Outdoor Extension Cords

Outdoor Extension Cords

Buy high quality Outdoor Extension Cords online. offers all types Outdoor Extension Cords, Outdoor Power Cords and accessories. Comptitive pricing. Contact us first! We are proud to be a leading online retailer of Power Cords. Choose from high performance Outdoor Power Cords, Outdoor Extension Cords and wires in a variety of different lengths and sizes below.

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Can I Run An Extension Cord Outside?
YES! Extension Cords or Power Cords should only be used outside if they are specifically made for that purpose. outdoor extension cords are rated for for the outdoors.

Can an outdoor extension cord get wet?
Outdoor rated extension cords or power cords are insulated and do not contain electrical parts. However, if the prongs that you use to connect the cord to the wall or device gets wet it could cause a short or firs or electroction to anyone who touches it. Be safe and wear gloves, specifically rubber gloves and only buy ourdoor-rated power cords.

Do Outdoor Extension Cords work in the cold?
Our Outdoor rated extension cords or power cords are insulated, meaning you can leave them outside all year long, however if you live in an area that is prone to severe weather it is best to also add a cord cover to be safe.


"Best extension cords I have used in years. I use these extension cords on all of my job sites. They are durable, last long and of the highest quality I have seen for these types of cords. Great job guys." - Sal Y. Bardner Construction

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