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Extension Cords

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Extension Cords for Power -

Extension Cords

Our Extension Cords come in a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and configurations.

If you have any questions about our power cords or other offerings, contact us today to speak to a representative. We look forward to providing you with the power cables you need!

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Frequently Asked Question About Extension Cords

What is the difference between a power cord extension cord?

An extension cord is a flexible cables plug-in. One engineer multiple outlets on the other end is used to extend the range of power source to the location is further away, extension cords, coming various links engages longer cords being able to extend the distance, the power source and device needing power.

Power cord on the other hand is typically a cord that comes attached to an appliance or electronic device. Primary function is to connect device to the power sources such as while it they're usually designed to be specifically typically for the device.

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