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Category 6 Plenum Ethernet Cables

Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cables

Plenum Cables Cat6 Ethernet

These Cat6 plenum rated cables come in a variety of colors. Blue Cat6 Plenum Cables are the most popular with Black Cat6 Plenum Cables being a close second choice. Depending on your project, you may also choose Green Cat6 Plenum Cables, Red Cat6 Plenum Cables or White Cat6 Plenum Cables.

We find that most installers choose variety of colors in order to easily identify them for their Plenum Installation Projects.

These Cat6 Plenum Patch Cables are built to order in 1-2 days and cannot be returned. offers high quality Cat6 Plenum Cables online or you may call us with your request. We stock all types of Cat6 Plenum Cables.

Looking for Shielded Cat6 Plenum Cables instead? No problem, buy Cat6 Plenum Shielded Cables here.

How To Order Cat6 Plenum Cable

Simply select the color or colors you would like for your Cat6 Plenum Cable below then order. Simple!

We also offer Cat6 Plenum Cable in Bulk or in Cat6 Plenum Cable in Custom Lengths here. Easily Order 500ft of Cat6 Plenum Cable in Bulk, 1000 ft of Cat6 of Plenum Cable in Bulk or more. It is up to you so you can order as much or as little bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable as needed for your project.

Shop Cat6 Plenum Cables Below

We are competitvely priced so no need to price hunt. Choose from high performance Cat6 Plenum Cables and wires in a variety of different lengths and sizes for your next project.

Fast shipping and responsive customer service allow us to ensure that you get the right equipment delivered on time, and within budget.

To conform with local fire codes, it is often necessary to use category 6 plenum cables with a CMP jacket to help reduce the spread of fire should one break out. There is a lot of jargon and different jacket type ratings, but to be safe always look for CMP on the jacket. This is the highest level of in-wall and in-ceiling rated plenum wire. The reason why these are required is because it burns slower than regular Riser Rated Cable in case of a fire. All category 6 plenum patch cables manufactured and sold by are 550Mhz rated, the fastest speed achievable! Although CMP may not be a better-quality cable than CMR, it is better to be safe when running new installations or just wiring existing environments.



Is Cat6 Cable Plenum Rated?
Cat6 Plenum Cable is used for network applications. It was created specifically for Gigabit Ethernet applications. This cable is a plenum rated UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) bulk cable.

Why is plenum cable more expensive?
Plenum cables are built to a higher fire resistance standard than other cables to include riser cables.

What's the difference between riser and plenum cable?
Plenum rated cables are typically for use in commercial and residential spaces, sometimes known as "plenum areas". Riser rated cables run through cable risers in elevator shafts in non-plenum areas or between floors.

How to Identify Plenum Rated Cable?
Plenum rated cables are covered with a layer of fireproof plastic and may have a designation of CMP. If it shows CM or CMR or other, than the cable is not plenum rated. plenum-rated cables are covered in Teflon and help to resist fire.

"Saved me again. Difficult project with a lot of crawl spaces. I ordered different colors of these Plenum Patch Cables and glad I did, helped me stay organized until the final end-to-end installation. These plenum-rated cables came quick and I always use now. Thank you!"
- Jenna R - NY

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