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Category 6/6A Outdoor Cables- All Types

Shop Cat6 Outdoor Cables for your next project. Our outdoor cat6 cables or cat6a outdoor cables are gigabit rated, waterproof, UV protected, 10 Gps and support POE and VOIP.

It is best to use the strongest rated Cat6 or Cat6A outdoor cable so that you do not have to change it for a long time.

Outdoor Ethernet Cables

Cat6 Outdoor Cable and Cat6A Outdoor Cable Specifications
  • Cat6 and Cat6A cables are Gigabit Rated
  • Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables are waterproof for direct burial usage
  • Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables are UV Rated for direct exposure to sunlight
  • Cat6 Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables use Bare Copper for the best signal transmission
  • Cat6 outdoor cables are rated at 550Mhz
  • Cat6A outdoor cables are rated at 600Mhz
  • Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables Support POE and VOIP
  • Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables offer 10Gbps performance
  • Cat6 and Cat6A outdoor cables offer 23AWG Heavy Jacket for lifelong durability.

Outdoor Ethernet Cable Questions

Some frequently asked questions about outdoor cables or running ethernet cables outside.

Can Ethernet Cables Be Used Outdoors?
YES. But you will want to adhere to safe practices and be sure to use "burial rated cables".

Does it matter what Ethernet cable I use?
YES. Some types of Cat5 cables can reach gigabit speeds but upgrading to a more reliable Cat5e or Cat6 is worth the small expense. Remember, you are going to bury this line outdoors under ground or attach it outside in some fashion so you will want to make sure you don't have to upgrade it for a while.

"Love these Cat6 outdoor ethernet cables. They are strong, easy to use and last a long time. I haven't had to touch them in years. Thanks." - Joel B. - Montana

"Shipping was fast. Cables are sturdy as it rains all the time in Oregon. This is the 3rd time ordering some outdoor network cables from and it is always a fast and easier experience!" - Hannah J. - Oregon

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