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Your Best Ethernet Cable - Cat5 vs Cat 6

Network Patch Cables for Home or Business

Here on you can find Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat 6a Ethernet Cables for your infrastructure needs

by Vikas Dayal • November 18, 2022

Network Patch Cords, Power Cables, Network Patch Cables, Custom Cables, Cat5e / Cat6 Cables, has the cables you need to be sure that your operation is running at maximum efficiency. But how do you know which ethernet cable is the right one for your particular needs? While your best bet is to reach out to us for assistance, here are some facts about the different kind of ethernet cables offered on that might impact your decision. 

Key Differences Between Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet Cables

Here on you can find Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat 6a Ethernet Cables for your infrastructure needs. While these different kinds of ethernet cables each have their pros and cons, there are some noteworthy differences to consider when you're deciding which to install. 

Cat5e and Cat6 cables are both capable of supporting speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, which is suitable for most commonly used internet connections. Where do they differ, then?

The big contrast between these kinds of ethernet cables is found in bandwidth: namely, Cat5e ethernet cables operate on frequencies only up to 100 MHz, while Cat6 ethernet cables are capable of operating at up to 250 Mhz, resulting in significantly faster data transfer. 

Ethernet Cable Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of these different types of cables? To start with, the most noteworthy is cost. Here on, 1 ft of Cat5e Bootless Ethernet Cable will cost $1.25. 1ft of Cat6 Bootless Ethernet Cable, in contrast, will cost $1.50. It isn't a significant price difference, maybe, but when you're looking at more cable for a more complex network, the difference begins to add up. 

grey cat 5e network patch cable's Category 5e Networking Cables are rated up to 350 Mhz, which is fast enough for gigabit applications. All RJ45 plugs used are 50 micron gold plated, and are suitable for use with Office VOIP, Data, and Home Networks. Furthermore,'s Cat5e ethernet cables come with a lifetime warranty!  You can find them in a variety of colors and lengths from .5 feet to 200 feet on And if you can't find the right color or length for your needs, you can visit our Custom Cable Builder to put together the best arrangement for you.'s Cat6 ethernet cables are more expensive than Cat5e ethernet cables, but they're also capable of 550 Mhz speeds compared to Cat5e's 350 Mhz. In terms of construction, they're assembled similarly to the Cat5e cables with a bootless assembly type ensuring a snug fit, gold plated RJ45 plugs, and 4 pair 24 AWG High Quality 100% bare copper wire interior. The Cat6 ethernet cables on come in lengths from 6 inches to 200 feet, and as with our 5e cables you can check out our Custom Cable Builder if you're seeking a particular fit for your installation. 

But why stop there? also offers Cat6a ethernet cables, capable of achieving 10gb performance over copper up to 100 meters without the use of any media converters. This makes them ideal for POE applications, or Power Over Ethernet, supplying power to a device such as a camera or switch without the need for an outlet. In short, a Cat6a network patch cable can transmit data AND power at the same time. As with many of our cables on, our Cat6a ethernet cables are available in different colors and lengths, from 1ft to 100ft. 

Accessories and More

In addition to the cables themselves, also sells the various accouterments your installation will require to run at its best. 

Here on you can find Cat6a 28 awg patch cables with slim jackets, in addition to Cat6 and Cat6a ethernet cables rated for outdoor use. You can purchase Cat5e outdoor ethernet cables as well, in addition to crossover cables for bridging two computers with a crossover ethernet cable

Whether you're keeping your operation as economical as possible with Cat5e cables or getting more bang for your buck with Cat6a ethernet cables, has the supplies you need to stay on top of the game!

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