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Cat 6 Network Cables

Datacomm Cables has the largest assortment of Category 6 network patch cables and accessories. In addition to the patch cables listed on this page, we also carry:

Bulk wire- PVC and Plenum in Shielded, Unshielded, and both in Stranded and Solid Types

Patch Panels- 110 Punchdown Type for easy installations in your network.

Keystone Jacks- In every Color you can think of to color code your installaion.

and so much more.....

Remember, does not sell CCA Networking wire. We only sell Bare Copper for proper signal transmission and adherance to all standards.

Sub Categories

High speed data transmission and performance over high bandwidth is the basic demand for all network installations in the present times. The CAT 5 and CAT 6 network cables have delivered results beyond expectations hence, taking the networking and telecommunications industry to an all new high. The CAT 6 cables are one of the recent developments in the cable options and are capable of delivering twice the performance of the CAT 5 cables. CAT 6 cables can be found in multiple variants based on the installation requirement. For example, specifically shielded CAT 6 network cables are used for external installations whereas shielded or patched CAT 6 network cables can be used for internal installations. All these can be found at amazing prices only on

We offer the widest range of CAT 6 network cables while ensuring that all the products we offer conform to the highest quality standards. Our range of CAT 6 network cables includes all the variants of the same viz. Patched, Shielded, Network Patched and Outdoor Rated. All the options of patched variant are also available. Detailed description is available with each listed product along with the amazing offer prices of the same.

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