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Shielded Burial Cat6 Outdoor-Rated Cables in Brown

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Brown Outdoor Ethernet Cables Category 6

Brown Outdoor Ethernet Cables

These Brown Cat6 Ethernet Cables are rated for outdoor use, are shielded and can be buried. They are UV Resistant so they will not fade over time. The super strong sheathing is made from PVC and consists of 23 AWG solid bare copper wires for maintaining strong and stable transmission signals. These Outdoor-rated Cat6 Cables are excellent for long or short distances.

  • Supports POE + ( Power Over Internet), 802.3bt up to 100W
  • Shielded STP Cable
  • Waterproof Cable
  • Rated for POE - Power Over Ethernet
  • Made of bare copper for strong signal strength
  • Rated for ethernet
  • Solid core
  • Screened
  • Can be used for telephone if wired properly

Our Outdoor Cables are Made in the USA!

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How To Run Ethernet Cable Outside
It is very easy to run ethernet cable outside.

  • 1) Simply plan where you would like the cable.
  • 2) Measure the amount of feet of outdoor cable you will need. We always suggest adding a few feet to whatever you need in the event that something is in the way, etc.
  • 3) Order your Outdoor Ethernet Cables from right here!
  • 4) Depending on whether you are installing in ground or along the baseline of a home or building, you can dig a small trench about 4 to 6 inches deep and lay the ethernet cable down and cover with dirt. You may also opt to leave them exposed and that is fine too as outdoor ethernet cables are UV Resistant and waterproof.
  • 5) That's it. Plug in your ethernet and you are ready to go!

Where do I Buy Custom Outdoor Ethernet Cables? offers a custom cable builder here on our website or call us Toll Free: 1-800-372-3725


"Every time I have an outdoor cable installation I use these brown category 6 cables. They are sturdy, last a long time and I don't have to worry about them".
- Sam W. - NJ


Buy Outdoor Ethernet Cables in Brown

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