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APC Singlemode Fiber Cables

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Singlemode Fiber Cables APC

APC, or Angled Physical Contact Fiber Connectors are different from the standard UPC, or cables with Ultra Physical Contact. Datacomm Cables ( provides a wide variety of APC Singlemode Fiber Cables in different lengths and configurations.

Variations of APC Fiber

  • APC connectors are polished at an 8-degree angle. 
  • UPC connectors are polished with no angle but are slightly curved for better core alignment.
  • UPC connectors are blue while APC adapters are green.

Our fiber cables are available with both ends APC to APC, or APC to UPC. We are constantly adding part numbers, so please contact us with your inquiry. We can have them made in 1-2 days if they are not already in stock. You can also order our APC Singlemode Fiber Cables in custom lengths and configurations by using our unique, online Cable Configuration tool .

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Questions? Please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190, or Toll Free (800) 372-3725 or CONTACT US here or chat with us below.



What Are APC Connectors?
APC Connectors are a type of fiber connector that is also called "Angled Physical Contact Fiber Connectors". These connectors minimize back reflection. The angle allows for reflected light to leak out into the cladding and does not stay in the fiber core with a better connection.
What is the difference between APC and UPC Connectors?
UPC connectors are polished with no angle whereas APC connectors have a fiber endface that has an 8 degree angle and is polished.
What is the difference between SC and APC Connectors?
They are dirrent based on their fiber end face. SC UPC connectors are polished with no angle (which causes light deflection), whereas SC APC Connectors are polished and have an 8 degrree angle.
Which is better APC or UPC Connector?
APC is better. The performance is better than UPC and is best used in high bandwidth applications and long distances. APC Fiber Optic Patch Cables provide the lowest return loss and and more sensitive on PON (Passive Optical Networks) Networks, FTTx andd Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM).
Can you mix APC and UPC Fiber?
NO! They should not be mixed.
What is the best type of fiber-optic connector?
LC Connectors are the best and stands for Lucent Connector. This is the most popular in singlemode networks and known for good performance and commonly known as the "little connector" because of its size.

"'s APC Connectors are the best fiber connectors I have used in my business. I frequently use the SC to SC APC Fiber Patch Cables in my installations and never have problems. Great product!"
- Detri B. - NY

APC Fiber Cables - Fiber Patch Cables - APC, UPC, SC TO SC, LC TO LC, FC to FC

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