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What Power Cables do you need to mine crypto currency?

The best Power Cables for Crypto Mining

Mining Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin are very energy intensive. You will need an assortment of cables to go to the Antminer (Mining Machine)

by VIKAS DAYAL • October 17, 2021

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Antminer S9, Mining Machine
*we do not sell this machine just the crypto mining cables

Mining Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin are very energy intensive, and you need an assortment of cables to go from the wall to the back of the Antminer S9, which is the most widely used Mining machine. specializes in these crypto-mining power cables, and can ship most of them same day and in large quantities to any location in the United States, by truck or by UPS and Fedex.

The most common setup goes from the wall outlets to the PDU to the Antminer. Most wall outlets are the locking type, so they are L5-30 or L6-30 Receptacles, or Female type. So you need power cables with the corresponding Male L5-30P or L6-30 Plug to go into them, and a female connector to plug into the PDU. Most PDUs have male C20 plugs in them, so you need a corresponding C19 connector. You will need to find out if your setup can handle 15, 20 or 30 amps. We offer:

C13 to 6-15P Cables 15 Amp
C13 to 6-20P Cables 15 amp
C19 to L6-30P Cables 30 AMP
C19 to L5-30P Cables 30 AMP
C19 to L6-20P Cables 20 AMP
C19 to L5-20P 20 AMP

Now you need to go from the PDU to the back of the Antminer. Most of them have dual Male C14 plugs, which mean that you need a female C13 receptacle cable to plug into it. The best way to go from the C20 PDU to the C14 Antminer is to use a C20 to C13 cable, or splitter since you need two cables. Most miners split one C20 socket on the PDU to save ports, so they can power one Antminer Power Supply from one port on the PDU. In this case you can use the following splitter cable or block adapter:

C20 to 2x C13 splitter Cable
C20 to 2x C13 block adapter

If you choose the block adapter you need a C14 to C13 cable suited to your length needs.

We also offer C19 to C14 and C20 to C19 Power Cables in all lengths and colors.

Crypto Mining Power Cables - What are the best cables to mine crypto - Crypto Mining Cables

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