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What Are Saf-D-Grid Power Cables?

SAF-D-GRID C14 and C20 Power Cables

SAF-D-GRID Power Cables are specially-manufactured power cords for hazardous, low voltage applications.

by Vikas Dayal • October 27, 2023

Power Cables, Power Cords

SAF-D-GRID Power Cables are specially-manufactured power cords for hazardous, low voltage applications. They are the only connector system that is UL rated for disconnects, and you can find them for the best prices on the market here at

What is SAF-D-GRID?

These power cords build on the proven contact technology used in SB and power pole connectors by offering features required in 380-400VDC power distribution systems. Saf-D-Grid connector systems have been created as a safe appliance power connector for server, telecommunication, and other devices up to 600 VDC.

These power cords connect devices carrying AC or DC currents up to 30A and 600V in the footprint of an IEC 620 C13/C14, and Saf-D-Grid power cables use the only connector system that is UL rated for disconnects. They are UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Rated to 400V and 30A. This means that these cables have undergone stringent testing by the UL organization in order to meet nationally-recognized standards for safety, longevity, and sustainability. It also means that you can rely on your Saf-D-Grid cables to safely perform their job as intended!

Both our Saf-D-Grid to C14 Power Cords and our Saf-D-Grid to C20 Power Cords meet international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications including UL 950 and IEC 60950. They allow for a greater density of power by letting up to 600V DC and 40A or AC in the same space of IEC 320 C13/14 systems that have limits of 10 Amps to 250 VAC.

Saf-D-Grid 400V targets DC applications but is also rated for AC current with a single keying configuration, while Saf-D-Grid 300V targets AC applications and is also rated for DC with multiple mechanical keys.

Some more key features of these cables include:

First Mate, Last Break Ground Contact: this provides the safety of an earthing path before engagement of the power contacts.

an Integral Latch: this ensures that connectors cannot be accidentally unmated, which prevents unwanted power loss to your critical equipment.

Hot Plug rating: this means that your Saf-D-Grid connectors are rated for current interruption for both electronic or capacitive and electrical or resistive loads.

Touch Safe/Shock Protection: this serves to minimize the risk of personal contact with a hazardous voltage, passing UL and IEC finger probe tests for the plug and receptacle, and 3mm probe tests for the receptacle.

Arcing Protections: these power cords are manufactured with housings that contain the ark if the connectors are mated or unmated while under load, minimizing the risk of harm to personnel.

These features combined at some of the best prices on the market make's Saf-D-Grid cables an incredible find!

Our SAF-D-GRID Cables stocks Saf-D-Grid to C14 Power Cables and Saf-D-Grid to C20 Power Cables.

You can purchase our Saf-D-Grid T-Latch Plug to C14 Cables in lengths from 1 to 3 meters. They're suitable for use directly connecting DC electronic devices to a DC micro-grid powered by renewable energy or high-efficiency DC sources.

Black Saf-D-Grid T-Latch Plug to C14 Cable - shop

Our Saf-D-Grid T-Latch Plug to C20 Cables are available in a 2-meter length in both black and blue, with a 12 AWG SJT jacket. 

Blue Saf-D-Grid T-Latch Plug to C20 cable - shop


If you haven't found just what you're looking for, no need to worry - we can manufacture an entirely custom cable for you based on your own specifications, right down to printing on the sleeves, at the most reasonable possible cost for custom cable assemblies. Feel free to Contact Us using our webform, or email us at You can also reach us by phone at 1-800-372-3725. We look forward to working with you!

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