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The What and Why of Plenum-Rated Cables

fire resistant plenum cables and Plenum-rated cords

Plenum-rated, which means that they're CMP rated and comply with all local fire codes; and that means that they're less likely to burn, so in the event of a fire they'll slow the spread through those plenum spaces.

by Vikas Dayal • January 13, 2023

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A refresher on what exactly plenum cables are, why you might want to choose them in your home or office data installation, and what has to offer you. 

Why Buy Plenum Cables?

In previous blog posts, we've talked a bit about what exactly the term "plenum" refers to. While you might not have heard the word until you began shopping for cables for your home or office data network, you've encountered plenum spaces in your day to day life. To put it simply, a plenum space is space within the building is an inhabitable area meant for things like wiring and HVAC installments, ductwork: think of the spaces above drop ceilings, below your flooring, or between the walls; spaces that might as well be invisible, for what little thought you give them unless you're someone who works on them. 

But even if you don't think about those spaces, per se, you should think about the quality of the ducts and cables within them. They impact not only the safety of your fiber optic or ethernet network, but also your personal safety. offers a variety of plenum jacket cords and cables at competitive prices. Let's look at some network patch cables first. You can purchase up to 250 feet of Plenum-rated Category 6 550 Mhz cable from our online catalog. This Cat6 cable doesn't come with a boot, so it's the perfect option for tight spaces like your crawl space, duct, or ceiling. It's manufactured with 23awg pure copper wire and 50 micron gold plated connectors. These cat6 patch cords are available in custom colors and lengths, and the best part is that they're manufactured right here in the USA. 

What about fiber optic cable? Consider this Plenum LC to LC 10gb aqua fiber optic cable. This high quality fiber optic cord has a slim 2mm jacket for crowded network switches in data racks, and you can purchase it in multi-packs or in bulk.

plenum rated aqua fiber optic cable.

You can also find 4K Javelin Active Optical Plenum Fiber Optic HDMI cables at This plug-and-play HDMI cable requires no external power supply, and it's capable of transmitting HDMI signals far beyond the typical constrictions of copper HDMI cords. With this fiber optic HDMI cable, all PC and HDTV resolutions are supported. It's capable of handling any resolution or color-depth with no image compression as long as the max data rate is less than approximately 10.2 GBPS. Thanks to these features and more, this cable is less vulnerable to EMI or RFI interference,  so there's less chance of your video quality suffering. 

Finally, here at you can purchase 25 feet and more of high-speed 24awg plenum HDMI cable. No conduit is required, and this HDMI cord is ethernet channel enabled, so you can connect your network to any app out there!

What do all of these cables have in common? They're plenum-rated, which means that they're CMP rated and comply with all local fire codes; and that means that they're less likely to burn, so in the event of a fire they'll slow the spread through those plenum spaces. And that means that you can have peace of mind know you and your data are safer for purchasing these cables and more at!

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