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High Definition Component Video Cables for Home Theaters offers top-notch component cables for HDTV connections. High definition component video cables allow compatible HDTVs to display video in 1080i, providing for an amazing picture.

The component cable offers the best format out of the three major analog consumer video signals (composite, s-video and component video). While composite and s-video cables are 480i formats, component video cables split the color signal three ways (luminance and two color-difference signals), thus providing the best color rendition. Component cables are high definition cables that can run at any resolution.

The Same Component Cables Used by Industry Professionals

Built using broadcast-quality raw cable, component video cables offer the best performance available anywhere. Broadcast and production professionals use the exact same cables daily in critical situations to carry high-bandwidth signals over great distances. stocks component video cables and home theater cables in a wide variety of lengths. As a provider of custom cables, we will cut your component cable to any length.

For more information, or to make a purchase, browse our collection of high definition component cables.

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