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When Do You Need a Shielded Ethernet Cable?

When should you consider buying a shielded ethernet cable?

shielded ethernet cables are used in high volume manufacturing or businesses with complex networks, or used for the outdoors to protect the cables from EMI (or electromagnetic interference). This means a secure, reliable connection with little to no interruption.

by Vikas Dayal • May 30, 2023

Cat5e / Cat6 Cables

When should you consider buying a shielded ethernet cable? Typically, shielded ethernet cables are used in high volume manufacturing or businesses with complex networks, or used for the outdoors to protect the cables from EMI (or electromagnetic interference). This means a secure, reliable connection with little to no interruption.  

Why Buy Shielded Cable?

What's the difference between shielded and unshielded ethernet cables, and when should you consider investing in a shielded ethernet connection? Complex networked environments generate a lot of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and may experience “alien cross talk,” or “noise,” that can occur between cables running alongside each other. Although all ethernet cables use twisted pairs of wiring to carry signals, some ethernet cables are shielded, while others are not. The "shielding" of a cable is typically made of braided wire mesh, or a foil such as mylar, wrapped individually around each twisted pair of wires, or it may wrap once around the whole group of four twisted pairs in the ethernet cable.

Our Category 6A Shielded Ethernet Cables are rated for speeds of 550 Mhz or more, which makes them fast enough for 10 gigabit applications. Snagless boots ensure a snug fit in the receptacle, and all RJ45 plugs used are 50 micron gold plated. They contain pure copper wire that's been foil-shielded, and overall braid shielded besides. 

blue cat6A shielded ethernet cable - shop

This cable is suitable for use with connecting cable modems, routers, and switches, and is perfect for use with Office VOIP, data, and home networks. 

Shielded Outdoor Cables

As we mentioned earlier, if you're running your ethernet cable outdoors for whatever reason, it's important that you consider buying shielded outdoor cable due to the added exposure to EMI. Our 23 AWG Shielded Cat6A Outdoor Ethernet Cables are rated for direct burial. They're waterproof and UV resistant, and they're built with rugged, durable high-quality PVC jackets that are resistant to wear and tear from pests and burrowing creatures. 

white shielded outdoor Cat6a ethernet cable - shop

These cables can be buried directly in the ground with the knowledge that they'll run reliably for years to come, offering you a safe, secure connection. 

Buying in Bulk

Save on your shielded ethernet connection by considering buying in bulk. When you're ordering from, we want you to leave with the right cable in the right quantities for your job. Our cables are priced competitively and many of them are manufactured right here in the US. If you're looking to order our Outdoor Weatherproof Rated Cat6 Shielded Cable in bulk, all you have to do is select the length in feet and you're all set! 

outdoor shielded ethernet cable in bulk - shop

Are you having some difficulty finding exactly what it is you're looking for? wants to meet your cable needs. Consider contacting us about building your own custom cable, whether that means customizing color, length, or configuration. 

What might be considered some drawbacks of ordering shielded cable? For one thing, it's more expensive than standard cable. Shielded cables are essential if you're in a high-EMI environment, with many cables being run alongside each other, or you need to run a long length of cable outdoors. If you're just looking to setup a basic home or office connection, you might not need to invest in something like shielded cable - a standard connection will do.

Have Questions?

We want to be sure you've found the right cable for you. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you might have, or email us at We look forward to working with you!

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