These Boots Were Made for Cables - Pros and Cons of Bootless Cable vs Snag-Proof Boot Cable

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These Boots Were Made for Cables - Pros and Cons of Bootless Cable vs Snag-Proof Boot Cable

Bootless ethernet cables and network patch cables with snagless boots.

Find out which cable option is best for your data network.

by Vikas Dayal • December 20, 2022

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There's a lot of terminology you might encounter while searching for the perfect patch network cable, and it's easy to find yourself confused and uncertain. The purpose of blogs is to help clarify some of these matters for you, and today we're going to discuss the difference between cables ending in a snagless boot or booted ethernet cables. When might you want an ethernet cable with a snagless boot, and under what circumstances might you prefer a cable without a boot? Let's find out what configuration would be best for your ethernet cable setup!

Snagless Boot Ethernet Cable and Bootless Cable: Which to Choose

At first glance, the answer to this question seems obvious: of course you want an ethernet cable that won't snag! Why wouldn't you? Let's weigh the pros and cons of these ethernet cord connections. 

To put it simply, a booted ethernet cable is meant to fit snugly in its receptacle. This reduces the possibility of unintended disconnections and damage that might occur to the connector or its port in an environment where there might be movement around the cord, like maybe beneath an office desk. offers a variety of ethernet cables with snagless boots. Consider, for example, our Cat5e 350 Mhz 26 AWG Shielded Blue Snagless Cable. This particular cable has a lot going for it - it's shielded for protection in environments with a lot of EMI interference and is fast enough for gigabit applications, featuring RJ45 plugs that are 50 micron gold plated. These traits make it ideal for use in Office VOIP, data, and home networks. And like many of's Datacomm cables, it's covered under a lifetime warranty. offers a variety of cables with the snagless boot feature, including our Cat6 network patch cables rated for up to 550 Mhz. But what about our bootless ethernet cables? When would a patch network cable with no boot be the better option for you?


It all depends on how your data network is set up, namely, the kind of noise it might encounter as well as where it's physically situated. Like our cables with the snagless boot, our bootless blue Cat6 550 Mhz Network patch cable features a sturdy PVC jacket and quality RJ45 plugs on either end. The key difference is that a network patch cord without a boot allows for maximized speed and performance in data centers and home networks. This is just one reason why they're the best cables for high-density environments like cramped patch panels. When space is tight and you don't anticipate a lot of interference with the cables in your data center, a bootless ethernet cable is the right way to go. 

With the broad range of cables featured on, you're sure to find one that matches the particular configurations you're looking for - booted or bootless ethernet patch network cables, plenum-rated, shielded or unshielded, all of it conveniently available here on one website. We offer cable in lengths ranging from a mere .5 feet all the way up to 100 feet and more, and you'll also have the option of purchasing all of our cables - including power cords and fiber optic cords - in multi packs as well as in bulk. Not sure what exactly it is your network needs? Our Quick Patch Finder can help with that! Plug in your specifications, and it will suggest a cable setup that might work for you.

If you can't find the particular configuration you're looking for available on, we're still prepared to meet your needs with our Custom Cables option. Whatever you're shopping for, is prepared to meet your demands with our competitively priced, high quality cables. 

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