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Will Cat6 Improve Internet Speed?

Cat6 Internet Speed

Cat6 Ethernet cables are more advanced and reliable than Cat5e. Cat5e is a popular network cable

by Vikas Dayal • July 23, 2021, News and Information, Cat5e / Cat6 Cables

The Cat6 Ethernet cables are more advanced and reliable than Cat5e. Cat5e is a popular network cable used in homes, offices and other institutions to connect devices like computers, laptops or mobile phones to the internet. Cat6 Ethernet Cables have been introduced as an improvement of Cat5e in order to increase bandwidth speed. This article will help you understand how Cat6 can improve your internet speeds!

How does Cat6 Ethernet Cable Improve Internet Speed?

  • A Cat six ethernet cable connector has eight wires inside its jacket while the original cat5 only has four. The additional two pairs are for better performance by doubling the number of data lanes available on each wire (from one pair per wire). Since cat5e can handle gigabit over short distances, four pairs are required. 
  • A cat six twisted pair also uses more advanced twists than a Cat five which means that there's less signal interference.
  • Cat six twisted pairs can transmit data at a higher speed because they are able to send more information over the same length of cable than Cat five which is limited by its four wires.
  • The Cat six Ethernet Cable has better crosstalk and EMI (electromagnetic interference) performance as well! This means that Cat Six will provide you with an improved internet experience with less loss in signal strength for your ethernet connection, especially on long distances.

Other Factors To Consider That Influence Your Internet Speed

There are also other factors that influence your internet connection speeds, such as:

  • The Hardware You Use - Your internet speed is heavily dependent on your network equipment, such as the router or cable. For example, a wired ethernet connection will generally be more stable than Wi-Fi and quicker too!
  • The Usage Of Your Internet Connection - The more devices that are connected to your internet connection the slower it will be for each device as bandwidth is shared among them.
  • Manufacturer's settings- Different brands of equipment have different default speed limitations you can change if desired (ex: QoS). It may not always make sense to use a high end cable on low end hardware but higher quality cables might help improve signal strength which in turn could actually increase speeds for these connections!
  • The Software You Use - If you're not paying attention, apps that need internet might be running in the background and eating up your data. Check to see if there's an auto-update or sync setting for some of the filesharing programs you use, as well as tools like addons/toolbars on browsers which can eat away at bandwidth.

What Other Benefits Do Cat6 Ethernet Cables Have?

- Cat6 cable is very durable, so less likely to break and be unusable. They are thicker, 23awg vs 24 awg for Cat5e. 

- Cat6 cables are easier to handle than their lower quality counterparts. They're also lighter and can bend without as much worry that they will crack or snap in half (vs the stiffer Cat cables).

- Cat6 cables result in better signal transmission which means you'll have faster speeds for all your devices! So if speed is a concern of yours then switching over might just do the trick.

Where To Get Cat6 Ethernet Cables?

Once you've realized the benefits that Cat6 cables have to offer, it's time for you to get your hands on some. Cat cables can be found in most hardware stores or internet providers like

Choose the Cat6 cable that best suits your needs! Cat6 cables come in a variety of lengths and colours, so you'll have all the options available to tailor it exactly how you want.

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