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Where Can You Buy US-Made Cat6A Cables?

Buy US-Manufactured Cat6A Cables at is located in New York, USA, and is your top source for high-quality Cat6A ethernet cables!

by Vikas Dayal • July 02, 2024

ethernet cables, New York Cable Company, Datacomm Cables, Custom Cables, Cat5e / Cat6 Cables, NY Cable Company is located in New York, USA, and is your top source for high-quality Cat6A ethernet cables!

These days it's become more important than ever to shop home-grown, and that applies to technology as much as it does to food. Buying American is a good way to invest in the nation's economy, and we're proud to manufacture our Datacomm ethernet cables right here in the US in New York state. 

Why Buy Cat6A Cables?

With network speeds constantly on the rise, it's hard to keep track of what you an expect for your data management. Singlemode fiber optic patch cables will do the job in some cases, while others call for a more complex multimode fiber cable setup. But what if you need the best of the best, and prefer to stick to a wired network? While fiber optic connections are considered the most cutting edge option for home and business data networks, ethernet cables remain in common use throughout the world. Category 6A ethernet cables are currently the industry standard for data network installations, but that doesn't mean the technology has stopped evolving - Cat7 and Cat8connections are growing more popular by the day.

So which ethernet cable should you buy?

That depends on how much you intend to invest in your data network. Ethernet cables have advanced rapidly in speed and bandwidth since the release of Cat 1, an unshielded twisted-pair cable introduced in 1985 with a data rate of 1 Mbps. Category 6A ethernet cables remain the industry standard for data network installations. The "A" stands for "Augmented," referring to the cable's enhanced performance speeds in comparison to standard Category6 ethernet cables. Cat6A cables combine affordability with connection quality, and when you're purchasing from, you can be sure you're getting the best cable for your money. Rated for up to 500 Mhz, Cat6A cables can offer up to twice the speed of Category 6 cables and are gigabit rated, which makes them suitable for POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices - no additional cables needed! Our Datacomm Cat6A cables offer a reliable and secure connection between your devices and your home or office network. 

Have you ever taken a good look at an ethernet or network patch cable? If you have, you might have noticed a bit of molded plastic shielding the space where the connector is joined to the length of the cable itself. It may look something like this:

Booted yellow Cat6 Ethernet Cable - Shop

When ordering your Category6 ethernet cables, you have the option to choose between bootless connectors and connectors with snagless boots. A booted ethernet cable is meant to fit snugly in its receptacle. This reduces the possibility of unintended disconnections and damage that might occur to the connector or its port in an environment where there might be movement around the cord, like maybe beneath an office desk. offers a variety of ethernet cables with snagless boots

Like our cables with the snagless boot, our bootless blue Cat6 550 Mhz Network patch cable features a sturdy PVC jacket and quality RJ45 plugs on either end. The key difference is that a network patch cord without a boot allows for maximized speed and performance in data centers and home networks. This is just one reason why they're the best cables for high-density environments like cramped patch panels. When space is tight and you don't anticipate a lot of interference with the cables in your data center, a bootless ethernet cable is the right way to go. 

Blue Bootless Cat6 Ethernet Cable - Shop

You can run your Category 6A cable from your DVR to your cameras and transmit power and video over the same cable. These work great because their heavy jacket lose less power than Cat5e or regular Cat6 cables do. This 3Ft Cat6A molded network ethernet patch cable has a higher specification than a Category 6 cable. It meets all 10G Base-T Ethernet requirements over 100 meters, and like all of our Cat6A Network Ethernet patch cables it's available in multiple colors and lengths manufactured at our New York cables warehouse.

Why Buy US-Manufactured Ethernet Cables from is a unique cables provider in that it gives cusomers the option of ordering ethernet cables in custom colors, lengths, and configurations. We can manufacture your Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cables to your specifications, right down to the printing on the sleeves. Just select your cable assembly components in the drop down menus on our Custom Cable Builder Template and place your order. Our made-to-order Datacomm cables are manufactured in our New York facility, and are ready to ship quickly to your location anywhere in the United States. Contact Us or send us an email at to discuss your custom cable order. We can also offer our cables for purchase in bulk pricing, guaranteeing that you'll be able to get all the cable you need for your job at the best prices!

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