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When do you Need a Locking Cable?

Locking Data Center Power Cables at

Locking power cords are an ideal solution for securing the power supply to important electrical equipment,  such as servers and computers.

by Vikas Dayal • November 28, 2023

Data Center, Power Cables, Power Cords

Locking power cords are an ideal solution for securing the power supply to important electrical equipment,  such as servers and computers. Locking connectors reduce the probability of accidentally disconnecting cords and causing power to be cut from vital components.

Locking data center power cords are an essential part of any data center safety plan. You certainly don't want anyone accessing important information stored on your data network. But they have other uses as well - in fact, it's not about protecting what's traveling through your connection, but the safety and stability of your connection itself! Locking power cords are a great option for securing the power supply to important electrical equipment such as servers and computers. You can keep your devices secure and stable with help from

Why Buy Locking Power Cords?

The most common reasoning behind a locking power cord is actually pretty simple: to avoid accidental power cord disconnections. If keeping your data center up and running with a strong, stable connection is your priority, you should absolutely consider investing in one of the many quality locking data center cords available on 

Many homes and businesses run off of NEMA power cables, which are cables typically used for AC electricity according to standards set by the US's National Electrical Manufacturer's Association, or NEMA.

Our Locking NEMA 5-15p to IEC C13 power cord is intended to secure the connection between a PC and a 5-15 wall outlet or power strip, plugging in with a snug fit. The bright red lock is easily visible so you can be sure that your connection isn't going to be cut short unexpectedly. 

Black NEMA 5-15p to IEC C13 Female IEC Locking Power Cord - shop

Locking power cords are the perfect solution to secure the power supply to your essential electrical equipment. Our C19 to C20 Locking Power Cords are excellent for all around use in a data center. Free up space and secure power cords between rack-mount PDUs and attached IT equipment with this exclusive easy-to-use cord retention method. Just keep in mind that while you can expect these locking power cable (which can be purchased online individually or in packs of six) to fit into any standard IEC receptacle or power inlet, the locking feature is only enabled when used with APC AP8000 series Rack PDUs or IT equipment with built-in locking receptacles.

black and yellow C20 to C19 V-Lock Power Cord - shop

Do you know which connector type that is compatible with your server and data center's power supply? Power cords are available with a variety of connectors including NEMA 5-15, NEMA 5-20, and NEMA L5-30 connectors. You should also make sure you're purchasing the right size and length of cable for your needs, whether you're searching for a locking power cable that's lightweight or heavy duty, or anywhere between 3 and 100 feet long. If you're looking to purchase cable in lengths or colors different than what's listed on our website, however, no need to worry - we can make custom locking power cords to meet your exact specifications!

Buying Your Locking Cables from

Our cables are manufactured to high standards and are always competitively priced. Have any questions regarding placing a custom order or shopping our online catalog? Contact Us or email us at!

SHOP NOW: Universal IEC C14 to C15 Locking Power Cables - Locking C19 to C20 Data Center CordsC14 to C13 IEC Lock Power Cords

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