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Cables Blog - Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5, Ethernet Cables, Power Cables, HDMI

Buy Cables Online offers Cat 6 Ethernet Cables ( Cat6 ), Cat 5e Patch Cables ( Cat5e ), Network Patch Cables, Patch Cables, Ethernet Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Custom Cables, Power Cables, Power Cords, HDMI Cables, Bulk Cables and more.

Fiber Optic Cables view all

Datacomm Cables ( provides a comprehensive catalog of Fiber Optic Cables (sometimes spelled "fibre optic") and related products. Among our complete line is a wide variety of ready-made Fiber Optic Patch, and we can also custom make them for any application and installation in professional and home environments

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Networking Cables, Data Center Cables view all offers an extensive collections of cables, cords, and accessories to suit your needs. Data center cables, Ethernet cables, Fiber Optic cables, home theater cables, RCA cables, network cables, quick ship pack cables, custom cables, and much more. Whether you are looking for a CAT 6 cable, Cat 5 cable, or USB printer cable, for that new projects, we’ve got everything you need.

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Power Cords Power Cables view all

Datacomm Cables ( has all of the power cables and power cords that you need for your datacenter, office, home office, or other requirements including: C14 to C13 Connectors for PDUs in Racks, C19 to C20 Connectors for PDUs in Racks, 5-15P to C13 Connectors for computers, servers and basically all computer equipment plus many more configurations.

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HDMI Cables, Hi-Speed, VGA to HDMI view all

When it comes to connectivity, we've got you covered. Check our selection of HDMI cables or VGA to HDMI conversion equipment for an outstanding home theater experience. If you need to set up your home office or a CCTV network, you can find all the accessories you need right here. Browse to find the solutions you are looking for at just the right price.

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Outdoor Cables view all

Our outdoor ethernet cables are shielded to protect from weather. Whether it is a Small or large outdoor cabling project, we have your cables.

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Computer networks and home entertainment systems are just piles of metal and glass unless connected to a power source. Learn important types of power cords.


Power cords come in different lengths and colors and with different kinds of connectors to fit various types of uses and equipment. Servers, computers, tablets, smartphones, monitors, televisions, and entertainment devices all need power, delivered through the proper cord with the correct specifications and tolerances for your setup. Connections and specifications vary by country as well. Cords should comply with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) or NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standards.

Manufacturers label connectors according to a code that defines the type of outlets and equipment they accommodate, the style of blade (flat or round) they use, and the cord and connector’s tolerance for heat and electrical current. IEC cords use the letter “C” and a number to indicate compatibility with the type of connection. “C” plus an odd number indicates the female end of the cord that plugs in to the prongs sticking out of the computer. “C” plus an even number means the male end that plugs into the power outlet. In other words, a C13 plugs into a computer, and a C14 plugs into a power strip or “power distribution unit” (PDU). Important types of cords include:

Basic Black

Most computers and home video components come with a starter set of power cords in basic black. These will have the correct type of connector for the anticipated use and voltage in the country where the consumer purchased the unit.

Extension Cords

If the device isn’t close enough to a power source, you’ll have to connect an appropriate extension cord to deliver current. In the US, extension cords should comply with NEMA standards. These will have the familiar three-prong design, with two flat and one round prong arranged in a triangle to plug into the outlet. The labels indicate whether the cords are for indoor or outdoor use, or both. Long extension cords should have a light that indicates power is running through the cord. Extension cords may be red (outdoor) or yellow (indoor/outdoor) and might display tags indicating they are suitable for light, medium, or heavy use.

Contact us with questions about what types of power cables you need for your data center, home network, or AV setup. It’s wise to have some extras of the most important types of power cords on hand in case of a damaged cord, or for when you add equipment. makes purchasing power cords convenient, with online order and easy delivery.

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