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A/V Cables and Adapters

A/V or Audio/Visual Cables will connect a device to a display source.

Make sure your media is ready to go by browsing's selection of premier audio/video cables and converters!

by Vikas Dayal • May 16, 2024

A/V Cables, Adapters, HDMI Cables

A/V or Audio/Visual Cables will connect a device to a display source. They're essential if you're trying to connect items with USB, HDMI, or SVGA ports - and more besides. Make sure your media is ready to go by browsing's selection of premier audio/video cables and converters!

As technology constantly evolves, devices quickly become obsolete or require some kind of modification to remain useful. No doubt you have a drawer somewhere in your house stuffed full of chargers, dongles, and cables that no longer work with anything you're still using on a regular basis. But don't throw them all out just yet! With help from the high-quality adapters and cables you can find here at, those items may still have a life ahead of them yet. You can't always afford to upgrade when adapting a little may keep your device operating at its best for years to come. 

Audio and video converters from offer a simple solution for overcoming audio and video output signal compatibility issues and device input signal requirements. From VGA and DVI converters to HDMI adapters and converters, carries them all!

Let's take a look at some of the cables and adapters available at to get an idea of what might work for you.

RCA Cables and Connectors

RCA Connectors have been used to carry audio and visual signals since they were developed by the Radio Corporation of America sometime in the 1930s. Though they've been increasingly phased out by more modern methods of connection, you can still need them for devices like older TVs or DVD players. 

If you're something of an old-school purist who prefers analog content, also offers a selection of RCA and DVI video and audio cords. You can find standard dual male connectors between 6ft and 50ft in length. stocks 3-RCA Component Coaxial Video cables from 3ft to 100ft long. With our 5-RCA Component Coaxial Video Cables, you can carry both audio and video between home theater devices and displays or AV receivers. This includes our Super High Resolution 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial RG-6 18AWG 750hm CL2 Rated Cable, all available at everyday low prices. It's worth noting that these cables are the same component cords used by industry professionals!

Super High Resolution 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable - Shop

DVI Cables for PC and HDTV

Datacomm carries quality DVI cables designed for your PC and HDTV needs. Our selection includes DVI-I and D dual and single link cables, DVI-HDMI, DVI Fiber Optic Cables and DVI-M1. DVI Cables do not carry audio signal, just the video portion. You may want to consider HDMI Cables if you need both audio and video transmission over the same cable.

As always, you can find our cables in a variety of lengths and configurations that are sure to meet your needs. This includes our DVI-A Male to HD15 Male Analog video cable, which is manufactured to transmit the highest resolution analog signal. Though it does not transmit audio, it's a good fit for linking newer devices that have a DVI display output to older monitors with VGA/SVGA outputs. 

HDMI Cables

If you're looking for the best possible audio and video possible, then you need high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet from Delivering true 1080p resolution, crystal clear DTS-HD sound, vibrant 16-bit color depths, and lightning-fast 10.2 Gbps bandwidth capabilities, our high-speed HDMI cables with Ethernet network support are guaranteed to blow your mind, but not your wallet. Perfect for 3D gaming and for taking advantage of today's high-definition TVs, installing high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet will change the way you experience your home entertainment.

With the transition from analog to digital, it can be difficult to revisit your old home movies like you could in the past. stocks some HDMI adapters and devices that might be able to help with that. For example, when you have an old analog TV set and need it to display signals from a high-definition source, an HDMI to coaxial adapter is the right piece of equipment. This device is compatible with popular devices such as game systems, DVD and Blu-ray players, computers, and more.

HDMI to Coaxial Adapter - Shop

Step Up your A/V Setup with stocks everything you could need to take your home video viewing experience to the next level. Check out our Home Theater Systems cables and accessories. These include infrared products like remote controls for operating from two to sixteen sources, as well as audio/video amplifiers and splitters allowing for larger and more complex connections, ensuring that signals can be split to multiple outputs without losing amplitude.  You can even find your TV Wall Mounts here on!

Can't seem to find the right cable for your perfect audio and video home setup? Not a problem! As always, feel free to Contact Us in order to discuss a custom audio and video cable arrangement based on your unique needs.

SHOP NOWIEC C20 Male to IEC 5-20 Female Block AdapterUSB-C to VGA Female AdapterHDMI to Component Audio/Video Adapter

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