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Are Your Cables Watertight?

Watertight and Weatherproof Outdoor Cables

Many extension cables and network patch cables are built for indoor use only.

by Vikas Dayal • June 13, 2024

Cat5e / Cat6 Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Network Patch Cables, New York Cable Company, NY Cable Company, Outdoor Cables

Is it safe to install your cables outside? Many extension cables and network patch cables are built for indoor use only. Attempting to use them outdoors can result to damaged cords or devices in the best case, and personal injury in the worst. Make sure you're purchasing watertight and weather resistant cables if you plan to install them outdoors.

The start of the summer season has brought with it extreme weather, with torrential downpours soaking the south. In light of flooding and the impending start of the hurricane season, are your outdoor electronics safe? Can you still use your power cables outside when it's raining? Will the weather harm your outdoor ethernet cables? Not if you'r using the right outdoor watertight cables! 

Watertight Cables

When deciding on what specific cabling is necessary for your project, there is more to consider than voltage, connection type, and cable length. You need to consider the environment in which a cable will be used as well. Let's take a look at some of our popular outdoor cables and some of their most common functions.

Outdoor Extension Cables

While leaving your extension cords unplugged out in the rain might not ruin them, the added wear and tear will render your extension cord unusable in only a short time. There’s also the risk of fire or electrocution if a wet cable is handled before the plug is allowed to dry. Whether you’re powering your hobby or your livelihood, it’s important to invest in safe, reliable cables like the ones you can find on that are intended particularly for outdoor use.

You can start your search by taking a look at our bright yellow and easy-to-spot L5-15 15A watertight extension cords, suitable for many indoor and outdoor home projects. These cords are available on at affordable rates based on length. These extension cables feature a NEMA L5-15 3-prong locking power plug and are available in lengths from six to fifty feet long. The NEMA 5-15 power receptacle is the most common in North America, so this extension cable should be capable of handling most everyday needs. 

However, if you’re looking for something that can take a little more power, consider sizing up to an L5-20 extension cable rated for 20 amps, capable of handling 250V and available between six and 100 feet in length on If it’s an L5-30 watertight power cord you need for the job, you can stay right here for a solid extension cord just as resistant to oil, water, and dirt as the others you’ll find on For 30A and 250V between six and a hundred feet in length, capable of withstanding the worst weather your patio can throw at you, you won’t find a better deal.

L5-20 Watertight Extension Cord - Shop

Water-Resistant Outdoor Network Cables

If you're looking to install a home or office data network, there's a good chance you might need to run cables outdoors. Our Outdoor Cat6 ethernet cables are shielded and built to withstand punishment from the elements. They're suitable for direct burial as needed. Due to their high quality, sturdy PVC jackets, you don't have to worry about water or UV damage to your cables. also stocks a wide variety of cables suitable for outdoor use, and that includes our LC to LC OS2 Single mode fiber optic cables

These outdoor-rated fiber optic cords are manufactured to the same high standards as our regular optical fiber cables, which means you can rely on them to operate at high speeds regardless of the weather. They feature high quality duplex LC connectors on both ends, and are strong and excellent for any project. If you'd rather purchase an outdoor multi mode fiber optic cable instead, we stock those as well! 

LC to LC OM3 Direct Burial Duplex Multimode Fiber Cable - Shop

Shop for Your Outdoor Cables

We want to be your one-stop shop for all your cables needs. In order to serve you better, we offer the option of purchasing our cables conveniently in bulk from our cable warehouses located in New York state. Whether you need an outdoor power or extension cable, outdoor network patch cables, or an outdoor fiber optic cable, we have you covered. And if you still haven't located exactly what you're looking for, no need to worry! We'd love to work with you one-on-one to manufacture a custom cable built here in the US to your specifications. You'll be able to choose the length, color, and configuration of your cable to be sure it's exactly what you require. 

Feel free to contact us through our webform or by email at! We look forward to discussing your project.

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