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As high-definition video improves, cables evolve. Because of this, older format cables become obsolete. Consider the advantages of HDMI over VGA cabling.


When was the last time you saw a VGA (video graphics array) cable? You know, one of the older kinds, with three rows of prongs and two screws that secure it to a printer, tower, or laptop? With each innovation in HD video, new HDMI (high definition multimedia) cables come into existence to keep up. But it’s very unlikely you’ll see any “new” versions of VGA cables. This is because there are many advantages of using HDMI over VGA.

One Cable is Better Than Two

HDMI is capable of carrying video and audio signals. Most current devices that display video have HDMI ports. HDMI cables are lighter and less expensive, and as new types of connections arise, such as DVI (digital video interface), HDMI cables can be “backward compatible” with adapters. HDMI cables are less susceptible to interference.

VGA can only carry video signals, so you need another cable to transmit audio. Older TVs and video players may require them, so if you have some old VGA cables lying around, you might want to keep them until the old TV, printer, or desktop finally gives up the ghost. VGA cables are for analog signals, and when HD came along, they used converters, which degraded the signal. Further, the devices they attach to became digital in and of themselves, so VGA went to digital-analog-digital conversion. VGA cables pick up interference, or “cross-talk,” from other devices.

The Long and the Short of It

HDMI cables come in different types capable of carrying different speeds and bandwidth. Cables that cover the higher end of speed and bandwidth come in shorter lengths, but either type will surely come in a version long enough for home use. Do you really need 35 meters of cable crossing the rumpus room floor from the game console to the screen? The higher capacity cable will go up to ten meters, which is still plenty of length.

You know the advantages of using HDMI over VGA, but if you’re browsing our high-speed HDMI cables, and you’re not sure which will work best for you, start a chat. We’ll be happy to help!

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