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VGA Cables SVGA Cables

Video Graphics Array (VGA/SVGA) Cables|
Datacomm Cables ( has a comprehensive catalog of VGA & SVGA Cables and related A/V products for a large variety of interconnectivity equipment, with rapid online shipping.
  • What are VGA cables used for? They connect computers and monitors that have a female connector with three rows. The male SVGA cable plugs into the female port. SVGA is a higher resolution version of VGA but both have the same connectors. 
  • Plug it in and forget it.
  • These do not transmit audio. You need to choose the SVGA cable with audio plug to do so.
  • Super VGA is an analog display standard.
  • An SVGA has a three-row 15-pin HD15 connector to work with your display devices like computer monitors, HD television sets and video cards.
  • Most of our cables have ferrite cores on each end to filter out noise to ensure the best signal possible.
  • offers the highest quality SVGA cables supporting display resolution of 1024 x 768 or less.

Shop VGA/SVGA Cables

We take your visual experience to an elevated level with our SVGA range, which supports higher resolutions of up to 2048 x 1586p. When compared to basic-VGA cables, these are shielded within a ferrite core or a braided shield, whereas VGA cables lie within a foil shield. Using these VGA and SVGA cables you can upgrade your display device resolution and enhance your device’s display standards.

We also have an array of VGA & SVGA cables in manifold combinations of the attached connectors. They are available in male-to- female VGA or male-to- male VGA connectors, with varying lengths of the cable. SVGAs are available as well as triple shielded male-to- male or female-to- female connectors. The triple shield prevents signal losses, enhances graphics, reduces screen ghosting and also prevents loss of color. SVGA cables can be used on any VGA monitor to upgrade the display characteristics and to augment resolution."

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