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5 Uses for Fiber Optics Cables in the Office
Posted on May 23rd, 2017 by

Are you currently considering installing fiber optic cables and want to find out how they would benefit you? Fiber optic cables are cables that contain strands of glass fibers inside of an insulated casing. These cables are capable of delivering high performance telecommunications amongst other things. In this article we’ll be taking a look at five uses for fiber optic cables in your office.


  1. Internet Connection


The first reason that one may consider using fiber optic cables in their reason is their ability to deliver a stable, high speed internet connection. These cables are capable of stretching over a long distance without sacrificing connection speed. Since data is transferred so quickly, the need for signal boosters is also lessened which can save you money to spend elsewhere. It is also important to note that fiber happens to be less susceptible to interference.



  1. Lighting


Another interesting fact about fiber optic cables is their ability to transport light over great distances. In an office setting that has difficult to reach areas, these cables can illuminate those areas from a reachable source of your choosing. For offices, these can also be a great asset to have due to how easy they are to install. Fiber optic lighting can provide a heat free lighting source, which is possible due to the ability of the light source to be located somewhere else. Also, if you are one who enjoys a change of scenery, fiber optic cables are able to easily provide various colors of neon lighting without replacing the bulbs.



  1. Telephone


When it comes to telephones, fiber optic cables come out on top again due to the superior speed. Being able to make clear, long distance phone calls is great for business opportunities. Installing these cables in your office is a lot cheaper than the traditional copper cabling. Thanks to fiber optic cables being very light, more phone lines are able to be placed over the cables. With fiber optic cables it is even possible to make calls to other countries without experiencing any lag on either side.



  1. Cable Television


Those who like to enjoy more channels with clearer signals often turn to providers who use fiber optic cables. Due to the glass fibers in the cable the signal of the channels is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Streaming high definition television happens to require a lot of speed and bandwidth; luckily fiber optic cables are easily able to meet these requirements.


  1. Safety


Last on our list of reasons to use fiber optic cables in the office is the level of safety provided. Many potential hazard that could plague your office are avoided such as any sparking that could lead to fire. Thankfully, fiber optic cables are light based and do not use electricity. This makes them immune to suddenly catching on fire and causing serious damage to your work space.


And there we have it, five benefits of using fiber optic cables in your office. Should you choose to install these cables, you can expect to see vast improvements to your office experience. Whether it’s purely for business or also for personal entertainment, you can’t go wrong with choosing fiber optic cables. Are there any other benefits you’ve observed from installing fiber optic cables in your office? Please feel free to comment about them below.


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