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Do I need new HDMI cables for HDR?

HDR (high dynamic range) televisions are the newest rage in the television industry. Now with 4k resolution and stunning visual applications, the TV itself is sweeping the market by storm. However, many of us have come from using an HDTV background that’s set to a standard 1080p resolution, and we’ve spent years and years using […]


How to know when to upgrade your HDMI cables

HDMI cables are incredibly powerful tools that allow your electronics to work efficiently. Nevertheless, they are prone to deterioration and fray. It is important to know when to upgrade your HDMI cables for your safety and comfort. Deterioration If your HDMI cables have deteriorated, it is time to upgrade them. When you look at the […]


Why you should buy cables from a reputable company instead of a third party seller

In the 21st century, the internet has ushered in almost unparalleled consumer options. No longer are you limited by what you can purchase in the US or what a US distributor is willing to import from China, Japan, Singapore or Bolivia – now you can order directly from manufacturers in those countries. This also presents […]


What you need to know about the HDMI 2.0

There has been a recent move towards the new HDMI 2.0 standard, bringing with it many changes and improvements to the HDMI specification, but there are a few questions that should be answered: what exactly has changed since the specification for HDMI 1.4, and what do these changes mean for the end user? Improved Frame […]


What is the difference in male and female connectors, and which do I need?

Understanding the Difference between Male and Female Connectors If there is anything more confusing to the uninitiated about connectors, it is the terms “male and female” assigned to identify connectors. In engineering, however, this difference between male and female connectors can mean a huge error in mechanical design of equipment. For process equipment, it can […]


How to improve your video performance with high definition cables

The term HDTV or High Definition Television technically covers a rather broad spectrum of performance. HDTV generally starts at 1080p (1,080 pixels per inch) and currently goes all the way up to 5K (5,000 pixels per inch) resolutions. Essentially HD is measured by how many “dots” or pixels of color are contained in a single […]


How far can HDMI cable be run while still maintaining high quality?

HDMI, or high definition multimedia interface, is the current standard in high quality transfer of audio and video data between devices. The most common example is between a computer and an external monitor or between a streaming device and a high-definition television. HDMI cables are capable of data transfer speeds up to 2.25 Gbps for […]


How to boost your speed with cat5e and cat6 cables

When playing a game or sending packets of information across a network, users want speed and dependability. This can be achieved with better wire connections. Cat5e and Cat6 cables offer more bandwidth, greater network speed, and less lost signals. Here are the similarities and difference between the two options and how they can both be […]


Can a cat6 connector work on a cat5e cable?

Data cabling has always been an integral part of internet and network systems. However, with technology advancing rapidly, new systems are being developed over time. Since latest versions are usually better in terms of performance, many people oftentimes want to upgrade to these latest versions. However, with the older cabling versions already in place, most […]


DisplayPort vs. HDMI vs. DMI: Which port do you want on your new computer?

When you purchase your new computer, be sure to choose the right monitor for the job. Display Port 1.2 has been the standard for viewing high resolution content on consumer monitors, and has the ability to handle video resolutions as high as 3,840 x 2,160 at 60fps, and up to 17.28Gbits/sec of bandwidth. The new […]


How Do Fiber Optic Cables Bend Light?

Fiber optic cables quickly send signals across long distances in the form of light. Each cable is made up of thin strands of glass called “fiber optics,” pieces of glass that send signals using light. Fiber optic cables are useful because they use light, rather than electricity, meaning that other electronic devices in the area […]


What’s the difference in HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort?

What’s the Difference in HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort? Most people don’t think too much about cables, but they’re just as important as a monitor or TV for people who want to access video content. There are several different cables that can connect display devices to an input, with the most popular being HDMI, DVI, and […]


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