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Benefits of a Wired Home Network

Individuals that are renovating a home or upgrading a network should never overlook the advantages of a wired home network. They can be quite significant, ranging from performance boosts to increased security. Those benefits make a wired network an appealing option for many homes, and it's fairly easy to install a wired network to take advantage of them.

, April 26, 2017

Are All-In-One Cables All They Claim To Be?

No matter the type of functionality you are looking to achieve, all-in-one cables serve as connectors, power sources, and efficient ways to transfer data. Gone are the days where you had to buy multiple cables to set up a connection between devices, fill a room with sound, and display your presentation from a projection screen.

, April 25, 2017

Split Screen Gaming – Here’s What You Need

Online gaming may be the most common way of handling multiplayer, but split screen gaming remains popular. All of the players are in the same place, so it offers a degree of friendliness and social interaction that simply isn't possible in other forms of multiplayer.

, April 20, 2017

Cable Clutter and VR: Here’s What to Do About It

Virtual reality is an incredible technology. It promises advancements in education, gaming, and every other type of media. That having been said, the current VR devices do have one major problem. They need a huge number of cables. They often need five or six cables of their own, along with all of the cables that are needed to support a reasonable powerful computer or other device that attaches to the VR headset.

, April 16, 2017

How to Pick Cables for Your Home Network

Picking cables for a home network is one of the first steps towards installing it. There are a few different options to choose from, so the decision is more complicated than it first appears. Most of the cables will look superficially similar, but their inner workings show significant variety that has a major impact on how they perform.

, April 12, 2017

4 Signs Your Cables are Outdated

A good cable will last for a long time if you treat it well, but a time will always come when it is best to replace them. Most people simply wait for the cable to break before looking for a replacement, but that isn't always the best course of action.

, April 06, 2017

5 Tips for Running Cables Outdoors

To add safety and convenience to your electricity doors, you must understand that two objects are worthy to be carried out in this situation. The first project comes to us by taking power to the outbuilding, and the garden shed. The second option is to install an outdoor socket that acts as the outlet for the garden power tools.

, April 02, 2017

3 Uses For Keystone Jacks

Whenever wiring or cabling is involved, neatness doesn't have to be sacrificed for functionality. With keystone jacks, wires can be both short and hidden, improving cable management and aesthetics at the same time.

, March 28, 2017

The Best Cables for Video

Everyone wants super crisp video quality on their TV or monitor but some of us find it hard to obtain. The secret to getting a great picture begins with using the right cable. Often picking the right connection can be difficult with many different cables on the market.

, March 26, 2017

How to Connect Your iPad to the TV (without Apple TV)

For Movies and TV on the go, there’s nothing like an iPad. When you’re at home, it’s even better if you can watch iPad video on your big-screen TV. Connecting an iPad to a TV makes a world of sense, especially now that streaming video services have prompted millions of people to get rid of cable.

, March 24, 2017

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