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KVM Switches - VGA Splitters & Extenders

Order KVM switches at Your source for VGA splitters, extenders, switches. Connect keyboards, videos and mice with high quality KVM switches.
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Sub Categories offers variety of KVM Switches - VGA Splitters & Extenders to provide easy access to several computing devices from a certain distance. High-quality KVM switches, extenders and splitters are useful in different situations. KVM extenders can help you to remove the computing device from end userís location. For instance, at sites like industrial and manufacturing areas these extenders can be used to let your computing device be located in somewhere safer location.

Moreover, these extenders can also be used in retail as well as office spaces to locate your computing device at data center. On the other hand, VGA splitters can be used to split your connection up to eight displays so that all VGA devices can be managed with ease from one switch without any clutter or mess in a place where your are working.

Besides KVM Switches - VGA Splitters & Extenders, you can also get SVGA Sharing/Amplifiers and VGA Extender Wall Plates under this category to sort out all your computing devices with no hassle.

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