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Plenum USB Cable

Extend the Range of Your USB Devices with Plenum USB Cable Extender Plenum USB cable extenders allow you to connect your USB devices and peripherals to your laptop or desktop up to 49 feet away! And because these are plenum rated cables, they can even be run through walls or above a ceiling for inconspicuous installations. Whether you are a professional network installer looking for a solution to a common problem or you simply want greater freedom in how you design your home office, these plenum cables will be exactly what you're looking for. Our plenum cable USB extenders also feature built-in active repeater chips that allow you the capability to connect up to three extensions for even greater flexibility with your installation. has hard-to-find plenum USB cable extenders in stock and ready to ship and best of all, we have them at our reliably low prices. For more information on our plenum cables, or to make a purchase, browse our complete selection plenum USB cable extenders below.

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