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HDMI Matrix Switches

Datacomm Cables ( is a leading provider of HDMI Matrix Switches to audiovisual (A/V) professionals and consumers for high performance routing of HDMI signals to multiple displays. They meet HDMI Specification features including data rates up to 6.75 Gbps.

Video sources can be shared on more than one display in your commercial or residential complex with our, HDMI Matrix Switches. HDMI Matrix switches are needed to rout HDMI output to multiple devices simultaneously. is your one-stop shop for Matrix Switches.

These compact devices can connect to multiple video sources to distribute high definition video and audio clarity to many video display locations at once. We have sizes ranging from 4x4 to 32x32 in all categories. Matrix Switches can either by fixed I/O or Modular & Expandable. These devices can range widely in the number of input and output sources that they support; from two-inputs and two-outputs to 32 inputs and 32 outputs for commercial, home-theater or digital signage.

We have these gadgets with a remote-control or push-button system so you can shift between your video sources with a simple click.

HDMI matrix routers are a combination of splitters and switches and support up to 1080p resolution. Every HDMI specification, such as 12-bit color, 6.75 Gbps data rate and HD lossless audio format is covered by the HDMI Matrix switches offered by

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