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Twist Splitter Cords is Your One-Stop Shopping Solution for Power Splitter Cables

Power cord splitters not only allow you to branch a single electrical source out to three separate devices, but when the splitter you use features Hubbell's patented twist-lock connectors, you can rest assured that your connections will stay connected. has a full array of splitter cables available in a variety of lengths and plug inlets. Some of our most popular sellers include:

  • • 1 Male L6-30 Plug to 3 Female L6-30 Plugs
  • • 1 Male L6-30 Plug to 3 Female IEC 60320 C19 Plugs
  • • 1 Male L21-30 Plug to 3 Female L6-30 Plugs
  • • 1 Male L21-20 Plug to 3 Female L5-20 Plugs
  • • And More!

Extend your electrical reach using professional-grade power cord splitters from Our splitter cables feature super-low profile connector molds, ergonomic designs, and virgin PVC compound plastic exterior components that are less susceptible to cracking or wearing down. Simply put, we make our power cord splitters to last.

For more information on a specific type of splitter cable or to make a purchase, browse our collection of in-stock power cord splitters below.

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