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C14 to C13 PDU Power Cables- All Colors

C14 to C13 Data Center PDU Power Cables |

If you’ve been told that you need a C13 to C14 power cable, you might wonder exactly what that is and how it’s different from a regular power cable. You probably won’t find C14 to C13 PDU power cables in your home, but they are the most common power cables found in data centers or even your office IT closet.

These specialized power cables connect a personal computer to a PDU, or Power Distribution Unit -- basically a heavy-duty power strip used to power servers. PDUs can be mounted on the wall or on a rack, and you can isolate power to certain networks by plugging specific servers into specific, separate PDUs. That’s where our C14 to C13 PDU power cables come in handy! We offer them in different colors so you can easily color-code your networks and tell which cables go to which network at a glance. The end that plugs into your server is the C13 side, while the part that plugs into the PDU is the C14 end.

Our C14 to C13 power cables come in 10, 13 or 15 amps, and in a variety of colors including blue, yellow and black. They are available in different locking varieties as well as non-locking varieties, and in different lengths to suit your needs. We also carry splitters for use with these power cables.

If you need help determining which C14 to C13 PDU power cables are right for your network, just ask and we will help you decide. Or if you know what you need, enjoy our simple and secure online shopping process and place your order today!

We maintain a large stock of C14 to C13 PDU power cables and you can find just what you need. At, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products including dimension, capability, and performance levels. Our support staff is friendly and helpful and will respond quickly to your inquiries. has the most detailed collection of datacenter power cables available for order at any size that that suites your needs.  Kindly browse our available selection to find what you need and place your secure order online today!

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