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How to Charge an iPhone, iPad or iPod Faster on a PC or Laptop
Posted on July 9th, 2012 by

There are multiple ways to charge an iPad, iPhone or iPod faster.  You can simply plug an Apple iPhone cable into the wall or use the cigarette lighter in your car to power up the device.  You can also charge an Apple device with a USB cord from your personal computer or laptop.  While the first two options tend to prove successful, it is the USB connection that brings users the most problems when charging an iOS device.  The truth is that mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones need more power to charge than what a USB computer adapter can provide.  The best way to charge an iPad, iPhone or iPod is with an AC power adapter.

Why Does This Happen?

USB is a common interface with electrical standards.  USB cables work with 5V and a 500mA maximum practical current to deliver a total power of just 2.5 watts.  AC adapters, on the other hand, reach ratings up to 10 watts.

How Can I Fix It?

High power USB ports do exist, which are designed to detect connections to power-hungry devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod.  These USB ports can actually change their function to a high-power state and continue working at that rate until unplugged.  There are also programs available designed to help personal computers and laptops detect high-current devices.

Installable in almost any brand or model of PC or laptop, these types of programs significantly speed up the charging process.  In fact, depending on the PC or laptop, users can expect a 40 to 50% increase in charge speed.

Main Advantages of USB Software Applications

In addition to helping Apple devices charge up to 50% faster, these types of software applications also ensure that your iPad, iPhone or iPod charges even while you synchronize music, photos and other types of media.

Users can continue charging their mobile device in various modes including standby and suspended modes, and even after shutting down the personal computer or laptop.  Simply connect the mobile device to the PC or laptop, shut the PC or laptop down and it will detect the device.  Upon detection, the PC or laptop will enable the charging program.

Mobile device charging programs are ideal for anyone without an AC charger or adapter.  You can even charge an Apple device overnight without wasting a ton of watts.


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