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Hide The Imperfections With HDMI Wall Plates
Posted on June 5th, 2012 by

What if a beautifully decorated room is spotted with wires hanging around the walls? No doubt, the décor of the room would be of no worth then. So, to make your home entertainment room looks more fantastic concealing the messy wires and run cables become really important. And for this choosing the wall plates becomes very crucial.

As this is a hi-tech world, every thing has touched its line of perfection say for example the high definitions T.V sets and home theatres. Even people prefer to use HDMI cables.

So using the HDMI wall plates would be a helpful addition to home entertainment since it will help you to conceal long hdmi cables in the wall and only have shorter wires exposed.

HDMI is a popular digital alternative to the lesser quality analogue transmitting interfaces. Your TV, 3DTV, Blu-ray player, DVD player or recorder, games console, digital camcorder, PC, digibox or Sky box may be HD enabled. Many people choose high definition equipment for their crystal clear visuals which enhance the viewing experience. HDMI wall plates are wall connectors featuring a HDMI port. They are commonly used to create a neat connection behind wall-mounted HD enabled TVs. The flat surface of HDMI wall plates has connection ports, and the wiring is hidden behind the plate and in the wall. If you are going down the market you are bombarded with a diverse choice of different types of HDMI wall plates.

Now the question arises which one to choose when you are provided with a number of choices. Whether a Single or Dual port HDMI? – Certainly go for the dual if you don’t mind the price difference. Any kind of HDTV you buy today will have at lease 2 HDMI ports so you should also think about that. There are some other options too like that of the HDMI wall plate with fly lead, HDMI wall plate with cable. The former one features a socket on the front of the plate and a socket on the rear, ready for a HDMI cable to be plugged in. The trailing lead is 155mm, which allows the cable to be curled inside a single gang back box. And the latter features a socket on the front of the plate and a plug on the rear. The cable attached removes the need for an extra connection in the cable run. The cable simply comes straight out of the back of the socket and runs to a plug at the other end, ready to plug into a device or another wall plate. Both these wall plates comes with the facility of Ethernet.  It is designed and tested to handle video resolutions of 1080p and beyond, including advanced display technologies such as 4K, 3D, Deep Color, plus an additional, dedicated data channel, known as the HDMI Ethernet Channel, for device networking.

So, if you find bunch or say mess of wires all around wall plates would be the best option to grant a professional look to your walls and enjoy your home entertainment to the fullest.


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