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Buy Cables Online offers Cat 6 Ethernet Cables ( Cat6 ), Cat 5e Patch Cables ( Cat5e ), Network Patch Cables, Patch Cables, Ethernet Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Custom Cables, Power Cables, Power Cords, HDMI Cables, Bulk Cables and more.

We are your one stop online resource for high quality cables. Many of our cables are Made in the USA. We stock all types of cable and cable accessories at the most competitive prices. We offer easy product returns within 30 days and a secure shopping experience for your safety.

Datacomm Cables offers IEC and Nema Power Cords in various lengths and colors to meet the needs of your business. Use the Power Cable Matrix to easily find the cables you need.

Our Network Patch Finder makes it easy to find the Ethernet/Fiber/Power Cables you need, all with Quick and Easy Shipping.

Fiber Optic Cables view all

Datacomm Cables ( provides a comprehensive catalog of Fiber Optic Cables (sometimes spelled "fibre optic") and related products. Among our complete line is a wide variety of ready-made Fiber Optic Patch, and we can also custom make them for any application and installation in professional and home environments

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Networking Cables, Data Center Cables view all offers an extensive collections of cables, cords, and accessories to suit your needs. Data center cables, Ethernet cables, Fiber Optic cables, home theater cables, RCA cables, network cables, quick ship pack cables, custom cables, and much more. Whether you are looking for a CAT 6 cable, Cat 5 cable, or USB printer cable, for that new projects, we’ve got everything you need.

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Datacomm Cables ( has all of the power cables and power cords that you need for your datacenter, office, home office, or other requirements including: C14 to C13 Connectors for PDUs in Racks, C19 to C20 Connectors for PDUs in Racks, 5-15P to C13 Connectors for computers, servers and basically all computer equipment plus many more configurations.

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HDMI Cables, Hi-Speed, VGA to HDMI view all

When it comes to connectivity, we've got you covered. Check our selection of HDMI cables or VGA to HDMI conversion equipment for an outstanding home theater experience. If you need to set up your home office or a CCTV network, you can find all the accessories you need right here. Browse to find the solutions you are looking for at just the right price.

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Our outdoor ethernet cables are shielded to protect from weather. Whether it is a Small or large outdoor cabling project, we have your cables.

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So you need a fiber optic cable that may not be an "off the shelf" type at the website that you are used to buying cables from. Here are all the questions you need to answer in order to communicate exactly what specifications you need to get the cable you need, correctly and quickly. This should give you a road map to follow based on our own experiences asking and answering questions over time.


So you need a fiber optic cable that may not be an "off the shelf" type at the website that you are used to buying cables from. Here are all the questions you need to answer in order to communicate exactly what specifications you need to get the cable you need, correctly and quickly. This should give you a road map to follow based on our own experiences asking and answering questions over time.

What fiber core do you need?

There are five types of fiber cores that you can choose from:

  • OM1 This is short for 62.5/125 micron, and is multimode with an orange color jacket.
  • OM2 This is short for 50/125 micron, and is multimode with an orange color jacket.
  • OM3 This is short for 50/125 micron, multimode and laser optimized with speeds up to 10GB. With a distinct aqua blue jacket, this is used in data centers.
  • OM4 A faster version of OM3, it can transmit signal up to 450 meters.
  • OS1 This is short for 9/125 micron, and is singlemode with a yellow jacket. It is made for long distance transmissions.
OM3 Aqua Fiber Cable

OM3 Aqua Fiber Cable

What connector do you need?

You can choose from the following commonly used ones, and they can be ordered in almost any combination, depending on your equipment.

  • LC- UPC
  • LC- APC
  • SC- UPC
  • SC- APC
  • ST- UPC
  • FC- UPC
  • FC- APC
  • MTRJ
  • MTP
  • E2000, MU and other special order connectors

What's the jacket diameter?

Usually the choices are between 2mm and 3mm. 2.0 mm, also known as "thin" are favored by most Data centers since they are smaller, and more can fit in high density patch panels and racks. 3.0 mm jackets are also known as "thick," and old style, and do not offer any more reliability, which is why they are being phased out by most manufacturers.

What color jacket do you need?

We at offer many color choices, including Aqua, Blue, Orange, White, Green, Red, Black, Violet, Grey, Rose, Brown, and Yellow. All five jacket core types are available in multiple colors.

What is your fiber strand count?

Example - 2,4,6,8,12,24,up to 144 strands

What's your desired fiber type?

A pretty specific question, but perhaps the most important one. Some options are:

Distribution Tight Buffer (900um) - used for Premise
Loose Tube (MicroCore Distribution - 250um) mainly used for long haul or splicing
MTP Ribbon (mainly used with MTP Connectors)
Armored- used for outdoor, rodent and weather resistant
Duplex Zipcord- mainly for indoor use. Most patch cables are made from this.
Aerial with Messenger (attached wire used for Support to hang outdoors - also has a Figure 8 design)

What length do you need?

Usually given in meters.

How will the fiber optic cable be used?

Will it be used Indoor or Outdoor? Most common types are Riser and Plenum. Plenum is used in crawl spaces and ceilings, and are often required by local building codes. If outdoor, you can also get gel filled for more protection against the elements.

What's the breakout type?

Example - 2mm or 3mm furcation tubing

What's the breakout length?

Most common are 18, 24 or 36 Inches on each side. It is a good idea to get Staggered connectors vs. Non-Staggered, since you want to be able to plug in connectors into different panels if need be that may be at different heights.

You can visit our custom cable builder to see for yourself how simple it is to find the multi strand fiber optic cable that you need. No matter the cable you need, has the answers you need and resources to find the one that will work for you.

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