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Cables Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 Which is Better?

Cat5 or Cat6 Cables

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 cables which is better for home or commercial use? What are the speed differences in Cat5 or Cat6 cables. Which Cable Type Should you buy ? Cat5e or Cat6?

by Vikas Dayal • June 01, 2021

Cat5e / Cat6 Cables

Cat5e Cables Cat6 Cables

In general, most residence installations will be perfectly fine with Cat5e cables.

Cat 5e is marginally cheaper and has a maximum size of one hundred meters working at 1Gbps transfer speeds. That stated, the arrival of Gigabit internet is pushing the boundaries of what a Cat5e cable can do.

For a marginal increase in cost you'll be able to future proof your network by installing Cat6 cables.

Businesses that need to move giant data files will more than likely have sizeable networks with bundled ethernet cables, making Cat6 cables ideal.

This way, you don’t need to worry whether your ethernet cable speed is capable of maintaining speeds for data transfer if you are using Cat 6 cables.


CAT6 cabling is slowly taking over as the model new businesses rely on for fast speeds.Category 6 cabling is another variation of twisted pair cabling.

Similar to CAT5, it makes use of 4 pairs of copper wire ending in an RJ-45 jack.

However, not like CAT5, CAT6 makes use of all 4 pairs of copper wire to supply faster web speeds.

CAT6 decreases crosstalk throughout the cable by utilizing a tighter twist in the copper wire.

CAT6 requires this plastic shielding in order to cut back the impact of electromagnetic interference in highly-saturated environments.

The pace and compatibility of Cat6 cables are far larger than any of its ethernet cable predecessors.

Although most would say that a Cat5e cable is sufficient enough for most users, it's becoming increasingly more outdated because the demand for faster web speeds continue to rise.

Yet, Cat5e cables are probably the most generally bought network cable at present.

Cat6 cabling is capable of reaching speeds as much as 10 GB whereas Cat5 speeds can range from 10 Mbps to a hundred Mbps.

The bandwidth capacity of a Cat6 cable is 250 MHz , whereas the bandwidth of a Cat5 cable is one hundred MHz.

The different main advantage of utilizing Cat 6 is critical noise reduction in comparison with the Cat 5e.


Is Cat5e good enough for fiber?

CAT5e is good for most networks.

You should use CAT6 when you need to run copper in environments with lots of electrical interference. And if that is the case, you should probabily run fiber anyway.

Is Cat5e good for cameras?

Currently, Cat5e cable is greater than sufficient bandwidth for many IP safety cameras available on the market. This makes it a fantastic alternative for many surveillance installs. Almost all IP safety cameras presently use less than a 100/mbps of bandwidth making cat5e a legitimate alternative.

Are all Cat5e cables the same?

Category 5 (Cat-5) and Category 5 enhanced (Cat-5e) are actually basically identical. Nothing changed physically within the cable itself. Instead, Cat-5e cables are examined more stringently to make sure less crosstalk (electrical interference).

Is there a difference between RJ 45 plugs for Cat 5e and Cat 6?

Cat5e and Cat6 Differences: Cat6 is thicker total, requiring RJ45 plugs that may accept the larger outside-diameter of the cable (OD) and thicker, insulated, copper-conductor diameter.

Are Cat 5e and Cat 6 connectors the same?

Cat6 connectors are designed to accommodate much bigger cable diameters than Cat5e, so most cables should match — however verify the numbers. For instance, Cat6 EZ-RJ45 connectors from Platinum Tools use 0.275 inches as a maximum cable OD, which is plenty for a typical 0.205 diameter Cat5e cable.

Do Cat 7 cables make a difference?

Originally ratified as a regular in 2002, Cat7 was the primary Ethernet cable type to offer speeds up to 10 Gbps over up to one hundred meters of copper cabling. Cat7 cables do have stricter standards for crosstalk than Cat6, roughly comparable with Cat6A.

Is Cat5e good enough for house use?

Cat5e (Category 5 enhanced) is the least expensive, but also the slowest. It supports data switch speeds as much as one Gigabit per second (Gbps) at a hundred MHz up to 328 ft. Certainly, it'll present capable performance for most of at present's functions, however Cat5e additionally leaves less alternative for upgrading sooner or later.

Why use Cat6 as a substitute of Cat5e?

Not only does CAT6 present significantly decreased interference or Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) within the transmission in comparability with CAT5e, it also improves Equal-Level Far-End Crosstalk (ELFEXT), Return Loss (RL) and Insertion Loss (IL). The result is much less system noise, fewer errors and higher knowledge transmission rates.

Can you join CAT5e to Cat6?

The brief answer is: sure, you'll be able to mix CAT5e and CAT6 without any concern. For a home network, I'd really be VERY surprised should you see a difference. CAT5e is gigabit community succesful, and it's highly unlikely that you've a home network switch/router that is beyond gigabit networking.

Is Cat5e good for gaming?

Although Cat5e and Cat6 are both good decisions for gaming over Ethernet connections, Cat6 cables are often the preferred kind. This isn't essentially due to speed, nonetheless since 1000Mbps is ok for most players. Cat6 cables are better at dealing with interference than Cat5e cables.

Older Category 5 cables proceed to make up the bulk of the world’s network infrastructure.Category 5E – CAT5EAn improved specification to Category 5 was later launched.

Cat 6 cables sometimes function thicker cable sheathes to defend towards exterior sources of crosstalk.

Conclusion: If you can afford it, Cat6 cables are the way to go.

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